December Run Streak Challenge Day 23 and Early Weekly Weigh In

First off I can not wait until tomorrow at 4pm when I am off from work and finally, FINALLY my life can go back to normal. Seriously these last 9 days have just been so crazy, I am exhausted mentally and physically and emotionally. I want to go back to my normal, boring life lol. So again this post will be quite quick because I just want to crawl into bed and let it be morning.

I got up this pretty early so I could get some stuff done before work.

First of course I got my run in, 1.33 miles to be exact, down the block and back and it felt nice and easy. After I finished wrapping all of James's gifts and his families. I even listened to Christmas music and some coffee. And got a load of laundry done too. I was on a roll this morning.

Then I went to Weight Watchers and weighed in. Down 1.4!!! Woohoo something good is on my groove because for the last 4 weeks, I have lost at least a pound a week, not a whole lot, but makes a huge difference and I think I am finally over that plateau I was having.

I want to Smoothie King after and had a breakfast smoothie, since I was in a rush. Coffee flavored something and only 4pp, perfect pick me up.

Then work happened. It always starts off great and as the day goes on, well we know what happens. I finally was able to leave by 8:45, been there since 9 and then James treated me to dinner, we went to Friday's because it was quick and easy and no thought into it. I got a black bean burger and french onion soup. The soup was the best part but the burger, blah.

Now I am so ready for bed. Can not wait for tomorrow.

Merry Christmas eve EVE.

Day 23 mile: 1.33
Total: 50.87 miles


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