Day 2 Run Streak

Got day 2 done and over with. I did have full intention of getting up and running before I went to work today, I had to be at work at 9:00, so I figured if I got up around 7 I would be good to go. Well of course my alarm went off at 7 and my brain and body said sleep more and reschedule. And that is what I did. I knew I would have to put my run off until when I got home from work and I was going to make sure I did just that and I did.

It was a close call too. I got out of work at 5:15 and I had to get my car fixed so I picked my car up and changed very quickly into my running clothes. My boyfriend wanted me to pick something up from Walgreen's which is on my running route, so I figured kill two birds with one stone. I ran to Walgreen's which was a mile away, completed it in 10:23 and then turned off my Runtastic and then shopped and ran the other way home. I got to my front door from the way back at .81, so I turned down a street and went to 1.00 mile. And get this I did it 9:37!!!

That was my fastest mile in a really long time. Usually I sit between 10:30-11:30 depending on how long I am running for and how I am feeling. I was happy that with a backpack full of goodies and it being super dark I managed to shave a minute off my mile. So instead of 1 mile, I got in 2!

The streak is on like donkey Kong now!! I am motivated and really want to do this and accomplish it. I know that a mile a day is a great goal and I will be excited to accomplish this. I know I am only two days in but I can see the silver lining.

Besides my run streak, I thought it would be nice to track the mileage too. Running every day is awakening my spirit of running. Its not about time, pace or mileage, I am not training for anything, I'm just getting out there and enjoying running.

Day 2:
2 miles
Total since December 1: 5 miles
2 Day Streak


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