December Run Streak Challenge Day 4

Okay so this may be harder than I thought! I have decided that I have to run before work, I can not run after work, because as much as I try to leave on time, lets me be real, it never happens. Today I had my bags ready to go and as I went to clock out, I had to help with a customer and a sale and I got sucked back in. I love my job BUT I can never leave on time, it is extremely rare!! So as I was scheduled to get out at 5, 615 I left and it is dark out.

Plus, I was standing all day long, busy as heck at work, in flats, my feet were a little tired BUT I am determined, so I got home, sat for just 5 minutes and out the door I went. I was given a little red flashy, beeper thingy, at the Expo two weeks ago, so I attached it to my shirt and went running. I knew I was only going to do one mile because it was too dark out and I can not afford to trip and fall and hurt myself. I just went down our street and then turned around and went back.

I ended up doing 1.33 miles, pretty good I thought in 13 minutes. Geez, I remember I couldn't even get 13 minutes done in a half of a mile. I was really pushing myself today, I wanted to just get back home and unwind, shower, blog, etc. I had to walk for just 10 seconds. Being I have been training for half marathons, I don't sprint much or run at a faster pace, so to push myself I get a little tired. I like it!

I like that dripping sweat and heavy breathing, feel it in your lungs type of deal. I probably could have done more, but I knew I needed, scratch that wanted, to get home. Trying to run after work is going to be hard , but I know I am going to have to do it some days, believe me I love sleeping in! Especially this time of year because work just drains me.

BUT on a positive note, I got day 4 and in the books.

Hope everyone had a great Hump Day.

This always makes me giggle:

Mileage Today 1.33
Mileage since December 1st: 9.33


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