December Run Streak Challenge Day 21

And my life has become hectic. I knew this morning when I got up it was going to be off the chain and well it disappoint for sure. From the moment I got up, my whole day has revolved around work. I was suppose to go in at 11, I went in at 10, tried to sleep in a bit but between people calling off, big messes going on at work, etc, I did not get to sleep and my run was crap. I only got a mile in, which I know is okay and what I figured would happen these next few days, but man, I was bummed. My brain was so consumed with work and thoughts, I couldn't shake it enough to clear my thoughts and concentrate on the run. I got 1 mile in and then went right into work zone.

I was able to make my lunch, a sad on at that, a tomato sandwich and some Special K crisps. Oh and a BIG gingerbread cookie I snacked on throughout the day brought by one of my awesome base crew girls. It was delicious and the perfect sugar rush I needed for the day. I got out late of course, and crashed for a good 30 minutes. James has been wonderful and let me just vent and even cry for a bit. Work seriously does it to me this time of year, its not just the customers, its the issues, the staff and the problems that just consume my whole day, it is exhausting.

So he made me soup and a salad and it was perfect. Now I am going to enjoy a banana and some almond butter and call it a night. Getting a run down the street in the morning and then work all day long.

Day 21: 1 mile
Total since December 1: 43.54

Despite the crazy day I was very


  1. You look so cute Angelina, and for the day that you described, that is a marvelous smile. Hang in there girl, this is almost over. At least you knew what to expect as you went into this season at work. Imagine how devastating it would have been being hit each day with stuff you didn't expect. You are doing great!


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