Christmas Eve Recap

Merry Christmas!!!!!

I will probably have multiple posts today because I finally have a day off and Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday and I have so much to write about, I will just break it up into multiple posts haha.

So first I will just recap on my Christmas Eve, which was fantastic, even though I worked and of course didn't get out on time. Christmas Eve at my job of course is just busy and it was a lot more busier than I expected but we survived and I survived without tears or any meltdowns. I remember my first Christmas Eve as a store manager, I was at our engraver machine, sobbing uncontrollably because it was so busy and people were just so mean because we couldn't get it done on time. Or last year when I told a customer we couldn't do her item, she flipped me off and said F-You. At least this year I had none of that! And my sales associate actually kicked me out when I stayed 30 minutes after my shift, which was nice.

My festive work attire!

After work I desperately needed to get my eyebrows waxed. I literally had little caterpillars sitting on my face and then I went and got James some last minute stocking stuffer gift he was hinting towards. Then we headed over to his Dad's house for our Christmas Eve gift exchange and dinner. We have been doing it every year since I have moved down here and I really look forward to it.

In my family, every Christmas Eve we would go to my Aunt Margaret's for Christmas Eve, so I like that here I have a similar tradition. I miss home something fierce around this holiday, especially because it was my one day to spend with my family for the whole day of each. See after my parents divorced I still did Christmas Eve with my mom and Aunt and then Christmas Day with my dad and Poppy. And since I moved that all of course changes. And with my Dad gone, well we know...

But anyway, we had a nice time last night at James's Dads. We had lasagna from a local Italian market, which was delicious. I had two pieces because well, I was hungry, I didn't eat anything all day at work, which I know is bad, but I wanted to enjoy dinner and the holiday. We had Cesar salad and tons of desserts. One of which was an Edible Arrangement that James's sister, Libby sends to the house every year. I love fruit and fruit with chocolate is a win win for me. Since there so much we always get some to bring home with us. Nom Nom Nom.

We opened presents and took tons of pictures by their beautiful tree. I got the cutest ornaments from them and a coffee mug set, which of course we will put to good use. After the festivities and feeling very full and relaxed and content, James and I took his grandmother home. On the ride home she made the comment that all she wanted for Christmas was to have her whole family together. It warmed my heart, one because she considers me apart of her family and two, how beautiful and simple that is. It shouldn't be about the presents, even though they are nice and thoughtful but about who you spend it with. And I am so grateful and blessed that even though I cant be with my immediate family I can spend it with open arms with James's.

When we got home I immediately put our presents around the tree, because I am very much a child when it comes to this holiday and just like a tradition I had growing up we each picked out a gift to give to each other and open. 

James got me a smoothie maker! I was completely shocked he knew I really wanted something like that. I can not wait to make all the smoothies and protein shakes my heart desires. He even sparked interest in doing the same with it. We have a small blender now that is so hard to make good smoothies and shakes, so this is amazing.

I gave James his Redskin fleece throw to open. I know if we ever move into a house or an apartment with more than one room, he will have a Redskin Man Cave and I am just preparing it now. Plus we love blankets in our house, I mean we keep the AC cranking most of the year, lol.

Then James gave me my Jingle Jammies. Meaning a new set of PJ's for Christmas morning and to have. I swear he is not the man I met years ago, he would never do silly things like this. I am so happy and touched he has adapted to my silly ways and gives in. He truly makes me so happy.

We watched Twas The Night Before Christmas and then passed out, we were exhausted.

Of course my first day off after 9 crazy days and I cant sleep in. I tried but tossed and turned and now I am up and onto my first cup of coffee. I was going to get my run in but I just want to take advantage of just relaxing for a bit. I will run later tonight, probably after my nap. James keeps asking me if I am going for a run, I have a sneaky feeling there might be a running accessory I asked for under that tree.

I lit my Christmas candles and I'm just waiting to wake him up so we can open our gifts from each other and our family. The rest of the day we are just relaxing, going for lunch with his family and just enjoying the day together. I will face time with my family and call my Poppy.

So be continued on this Christmas Day...


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