Sunday, December 21, 2014

I gave it everything I had....

So I am feeling a little bit defeated right now. I had to stop the run streak. I seriously gave that run streak, everything and anything I had in me for the past 23 days. But work, well work just took over.

Being in retail this is by far the busiest time of year for me. I am working long hours, early mornings and late nights. I get little sleep and my energy level is all over the place. I survive on coffee and protein bars and then come home and eat whatever is quick and easy, which the last couple of nights have been Chipotle.

No complaints on that one.

Some times during the day, I even completely forget to take a sip of water or eat anything. For instance yesterday, I peed only twice the whole day. When I got up at 9:00 and then not again until 8:30 in the night. I drank coffee and that was it, just a tall from Starbucks. My pee was so dark. I know a little graphic, but that was the moment, I knew my life as just exhausting.

I mean I was so busy, I didn't even pee. Normally I am going every 5 minutes. So when I realized it was 9:00 pm and I had to go home and still do a mile run, I knew it was time to stop the streak. I woke up yesterday, just exhausted. Actually crying because I just wanted to sleep.

Do not get me wrong, I LOVE my job. It has really great points but this time of year I dread a lot. We aren't your typical retail job, so it is different to compare to any other retailer. And being the store manager, well you are on the line constantly.

People have quit, never shown up or have scheduling issues like you wouldn't believe. But I have 3 days left and then we go back to normal, whatever that may be. Its amazing I am even awake and functioning right now. I woke up at 4:30 and just couldn't go back to sleep, so why lay there and get mad, so I am up, cleaned up the apartment a bit and did a load of laundry. The most energy I have had all week. I am running with it.

I am not so much disappointed in myself for having to stop the run streak. It is just dishearting. I did it last year, but last year, was last year. I didn't work so many hours, I had more people show up and more of a staff and not so much newness. I didn't have long nights or hours, it is just the hand I was kind of dealt this year I suppose. Plus my body is taking a full on beating.

I haven't stopped once this year. So this run streak seemed like a great idea but I spent 6 months training for a marathon and then jumped into this, I was burning out. But now I know. So the next few days are just dedicated to work and survival mode. Trying to get veggies and fruit or yogurt or anything like that when I can with work, which is hard. Drinking more water through out the day and then come Christmas, back on the pavement, which is great because after all this craziness, I go back to training for Gasparilla.

Hope everyone has been having a great couple of days.

See you after the holiday ;0)