Sunday, December 28, 2014

My Weekend Off...

Okay again my posts are out of order, due to my phone not publishing the post I wrote from the app. But it is after Christmas it was a great Christmas. I was beyond exhausted so took advantage of being lazy all day.

I didn't clean or do laundry, I just ate then nap, then ate lunch then napped, then laid around. I was so beat, physically and mentally. But I finally relaxed.

Friday I had to be to work super early because the mall was still on crazy holiday hours. I was very cranky, crabby and still tired, but made it through the day and even went to Old Navy and got some good deals with a gift card. Then came home and passed out into a nice long nap. Then decided to clean the heck out of our apartment, finally.

Still haven't attacked the laundry, but that can wait. I unwind ed with a nice bottle of wine on Friday too, which felt great knowing I didn't have to wake up for work the next day or set an alarm. It has been forever since I haven't had to do that.

I woke up super late and went downtown and ran. The weather was a lot warmer than normal, but the sun beating on my skin felt amazing. Even though I was on the struggle bus with the miles. I did get the first half and then on the back half, not so much. I think I was a bit dehydrated and my body wasn't used to the mileage in over a week.

I love the beads of sweat on my chest with my 26.2 pendant. Makes me feel so accomplished...

It was a gorgeous day out and the run really did feel great. I needed that run more than I realized. The sweat really gave me a sense of purpose and put me right back where I belong. Also I figured for the year I have ran 838 miles!! Holy Moly no wonder I am exhausted. So I ran 4.50 miles on Saturday, totaling 842.50, meaning I am 7.50 miles away from 850 goal of the year. I will be accomplishing that!

Next year going for that 1000 miles in the year!! But we will get to my goals on Wednesday!

After my run, I went to CVS to pick up some stuff and then came home full of energy and drive. I finally attacked some organization in our apartment.

Finally have beverage area!!

And my runners section!!! I can not how emotional and accomplished this section makes me feel!!! I have been dying to do something like this forever and I finally got it done. I used a curtain rod to hang my medals, saw it on pinterest. I framed my 6 Half Marathons and then put my 5ks and etc around and then off to the left is my favorite, my Marathon!! I want to get 26.2 numbers and paint them and hang it underneath. My medals used to be hung in our bedroom, now we have an empty space above our bed, so I am on the look out to create something there.

The beauty of the runner section for me, is all of this happened in two years. This is two years of finding myself. Being myself and creating someone who I never thought I could be. I really stood back and looked at it and can not wait to add more to that collection. And it all started with a single step.

I met up with my good friend Melissa for dinner at Panera, which is always a great time. We sat there for almost two hours, just catching up on life and inspiration and motivation for the new year and life with WW. It was so good to catch up with her. She is such an amazing friend to have in my life and I really have to make more time to get with her, it was such a great time.

After I went to Target to check out if they had a purse I had been eyeing up forever on sale...

They had it on sale, on clearance PLUS an extra 20% off and the matching wallet!! I ended up getting both for 32 then had a 25.00 gift card making out of pocket only 7.00 dollars!!!! Such a deal, I am so glad I waited for it. I don't care if it isn't a name brand, it is bright pink and very much me!!! Plus I think I have an animal print bow I can add to it, to dress it more like me.

I spent the rest of the night just relaxing and downloading a ton of songs from iTunes. James gave me a gift card and I have been obsessed downloading play lists hahaha.

Today is my grocery day and maybe a load of laundry and attempting to just sit down and read a bit. I might get a run in later, we'll see what the day brings. The best thing about this week is I am working Monday and Tuesday and then off Wednesday-Monday. Taking some time off, which is so needed, it is a nice stay-cation too!!

Hope everyone had a great Holiday filled weekend and getting ready for the week ahead and the New Year.