Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 Was All About My Comfort Zone & What 2015 Holds!!

Alrighty the day has come, the end of the year post. I am a day early on this one, just because I actually had some time to sit down and unwind and finally write it. Who knows what tomorrow will bring!!

Okay, so if I had to put a title to the year 2014, I would say, it was all about me getting out of my comfort zone. But not only getting out of my comfort zone but about growth!!

This year looking back was a really big year for me. It might not seem like a lot went on or happened but significantly when I look back, I did a lot of pretty amazing things.

The beginning of the year with the Gasparilla Distance Classic, running 25.5 miles in two days with 3 races. Then I went to right to the Iron Girl Half Marathon, then taking the biggest jump and deciding to sign up for my first Full Marathon.

Training for that marathon, while holding down a full time job, not your most typical one either, while in the summer and in the state of Florida. I trained for 5.5 months, stuck to the plan the whole time, even when I was tired, hungry, cranky on vacation or just really not in the mood. I used a training plan, even got up to the 23 miles during my training to help push me forward.

Then the time came and I ran my first full marathon in October. All those miles, finally lead me up to that final 26.2. I took on a marathon that was in a cooler climate and with tons of hills, all which Florida does not have. I not only did the marathon, I completed it under the goal I had set for myself of 6 hours. I cried the final .2, my family was there to cheer me on with friends and I made it across, more accomplished and happy then probably I have ever been in my life.

After the marathon, I dove right into work and I haven't really rested since haha. I took on a run streak for 20 days, until I just had to throw in the towel because work just became way to much for me, which it tends to do this time of year.

So 2014, I have pushed myself harder than ever before. I found out that when I set a goal, follow a plan and see the finish line, I do anything and everything in my power to get it done. I never thought I would half the stuff I did this year, let alone any of it. I mean, if you would have asked me even two years ago, would I run a marathon, I would have laughed. Now I AM A MARATHONER!!

I am so much stronger than I could ever imagine, I mean not only physically but mentally too. I am so glad that I took the chance with each of these races and signed up and finished.

2014 also brought me lots of amazing new friendships via in real life and through social media. I trained a bunch during the summer with Nanci, as she too had a pretty fantastic year and through her I met Corrina and her awesome husband Mike. I won a giveaway from Caitlyn and even did some runs and training with her. I got closer with my work peers and we all came together as a family this year to achieve some pretty amazing results.

My family life is still just as strong and my love life with James like always is a work in progress. We are together and trying to find what works for us, but the one thing is we are trying to figure it out together. 2014 had some rough patches with us, but in the end, it is all about growth.

My weight loss in 2014, well it took a bit of hiatus and a slight gain. I did loose a ton of inches and gained muscle. My legs are more in shape then ever in my whole life, so the extra pounds in the middle, well I just call that success, because it is what got me through a lot of those long runs and across that finish line. Sure I would have loved to have lost some weight this year and not gain, but I focused on my bigger picture and that was success in miles.

Now I didn't fall off the wagon, the weight just shifted. I still remained on Weight Watchers and followed plan, just probably not as tough as before. Not sure where Weight Watchers and I will stand in 2015, I am still working that out, but I know it still has changed my life.

So all in all, 2014 was a pretty phenomenal year. I think as I reflect back on my life, this year was a turning point for me in who I am as a person. I never knew how strong I could be until I got to this year. Would I take back anything from this year, like the weight gain, or the long hours of work, or the fights or tears I may have had, HELL NO!! I just continue to look forward.

Where does 2015 take me??!!

Well very simply actually. I know I can get out of my comfort zone for sure, I am still going to push those limits.

1. Signing up for the Gasparilla Distance Classic Challenge of 4 races in two days
2. Getting a Sub 30 min 5k
3. Running 1000 miles in a year
4. Continue to work towards a promotion and growth at work
5. Losing at least 15 pounds
6. Reading more books
7. Spending less money
8. Organizing my time and life a bit better with more lists and financial planning
9. Expanding and growing this blog
10. Working on my relationship with James
11. Keeping in better contact with my family
12. Being more social with friends outside like a girls night or day
13. Not feeling guilty when I just enjoy a glass of wine or two
14. Toning up my body by using more weights in the gym
15. Just being Happy and Laughing at least once a day

I am not setting myself up for failure, nothing but success. I know I will attain each and every one of these goals because I do not just start over on January 1, I am just continuing my journey, just adding some different roads to it!!

Cheers to a pretty fantastic year and to the upcoming new beginnings and journey!!!!