Monday, December 1, 2014

Day 5 Run Streak, Cyber Monday Deal & ELF

Alright December has now begun!!!

The last month of the year and then 2014 is over and done with.

Some goals I have for December is quite simple...

1. Survive the Holidays with work
2. Continue the Run Streak
3. Continue with the Skinny Snowman Challenge
4. Get my Xmas presents wrapped and ready to go for home
5. Watch at least 1-2 Christmas movies each week
6. Bake some sort of seasonal item once a week
7. Sleep in on my days off and just wake up whenever
8. Start and finish at least one book
9. Get my hair cut
10. Dye My hair
11. Loose 5 pounds

Oh and to remember these goals lol. I completely forgot what I had wanted to accomplish in November, it was quite a blur for me.

But December 1 has been a good one so far. After work 8-5ish, I got home, immediate put on my running gear and headed back outside to get my run in. My legs were still feeling a bit heavy from the squats and the 5 miles yesterday, but I managed to get in 1.60 miles before it was getting really dark. These days that I work 8-5 or 8-6, make it really tough to run, I don't want to get up super early and by the time I get home, I am really beat.

I never sit down.

But I know I have to do it and would feel guilty, so I mile is just as good enough for me as any. I plan on days I close and on my days off to do the longer of the mileages, like 3-6 miles and then work days 1-2.

I also par took in some Cyber Monday deals. Well, really just one. Quest Nutrition was having a great deal when you spend 39.99 you get 25% off and Free Shipping! So I got a box of their new S'mores Quest Bars and a box of the Sea Salt and Vinegar Protein Chips. I ended up spending only 31.30, that's a great deal if I do say so!!

Now I have been laying on the couch watching ELF. I forget how much I love this movie...