Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Chocolate Orange Ball

Happy Tuesday Everyone!!

Holy Moly it is June 2nd!! I plan on doing a Goal month post for June and a currently update. I  love those post because I can get a lot accomplished at once and update you on all the fun and exciting things going on. But I realized I haven't posted in a few days and my fingers were itching for a quick post.

Things are pretty good right now and I am having a decent week. But I can dive in to all of that soon. I just wanted to say HI, Hope everyone is having a great start to the month and showing a new smoothie I made the other day.

This can be a great morning protein shake or like I did as a nice refreshing cool down after my work out. 8 oz of the OJ and a scoop of the chocolate protein powder. I love this FitMiss brand a lot. My CVS finally had it and I could use a coupon with it, which of course I loved.

This combination reminded me exactly of one of these...

Give it a try and you will not regret it!!