Saturday, June 20, 2015

Rambles of The Week

Happy Saturday Everyone!!!

Whew what a week it has been. The week started off pretty great and then kind of slowly went downhill and then back up again a bit.

Let's do a quick recap of what this week has been like...

Sunday I had to work a bridal show in Tampa. Those are always a good time, easy work, kind of long days and just standing handing out flyers and talking about our products for hours. But I have a pretty amazing boss, so to spend time with her, is more fun than work. After work, I just wanted to sit down for a bit from the whole day, so I ended up finishing Season 3 of Orange Is The New Black!

Yup, I started it Thursday night and had it done by Sunday evening. I take Binge watching to a whole new level for me lol. Seriously though, if you haven't gotten on the band wagon, Jump on, it is a pretty fantastic show.

I knew I wanted to run on Sunday and get my steps in, so I put my running shoes on and just went with it. I ended up running a full mile, without one walk break! NOT ONE! That is a HUGE accomplishment for me, especially with my bad ankle. I couldn't believe it, but I felt great and just wanted to push me a bit. I was so happy. Small moves are making a huge difference. And since I was running on a great high, James and I went over to our friends house for dinner.

We made Bloody Marys, cheesestakes and salad. I am trying to find low calorie drinks while hanging out with our friends, they are all about the beer. Beer makes me too full and wine, makes me super snacky. Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE WINE. I mean, I love it. I am thinking of a glass right now haha. But I like to branch out a bit and Bloody Mary's are a great wind down or get the morning started, vacation drink. Then I got some Whipped Vodka and added it to some seltzer water. I was staying hydrated and got a buzz on. A total win win. I am not a huge Vodka fan but out of all the liquors it is the best and so many different flavors.

And I might have gotten on Pinterest and pinned a bunch of different ways to use it lol.

Monday, I woke up pretty exhausted. I have to say my activity level has taken a huge upkick then normal. If I am not running, I am out walking, the gym, just staying as active as I can. I think it is making a huge difference for me, the scale, ehh, but how I feel and such, HUGE. Monday was also my day off, so I woke up took my conferece call and then literally got right back into bed. Yup and slept until the afternoon. No shame for me. I work hard and I wanted to enjoy my day off that way.

Once I got up, shook off the guilt a little bit, I went for a 4.5 mile walk. Which, by the way is a huge deal for me. I have not put that much mileage on myself since the day before I feel back in February, the longest was a 5k in April for Iron Girl. I had an idea I was going to walk to the Dunkin Donuts and back, I figured I would test it walking first before I decide to run it again. And I did it. My ankle felt perfectly fine, my legs a little sore, come on its been a while. But I was so happy of that progress.

Tuesday, was when my week decide to decline a bit. I posted my blog about my bikini body, which BTDUbbs, THANK YOU!!!! Thank you for all the reads, the sweet posts on my Instagram and here, it made me cry. I have never really felt so confident before. So that was great. Tuesday, I got word my Poppy wasn't feeling so great again, he was back in the hospital and it kind of just knocked me out. I had an overwhelming feeling of saddness and I couldn't shake it all day. Turned out everything was okay, but it just knocked me out a bit. I went home and laid down after work, because when all else fails, I take a nap!

After my nap, I knew I need to get some fruits in the house, so I walked to Winn Dixie to get some kind of actitivy in me a bit and the endorphins made me feel a 100% better.

Wednesday was another bad day. At work our phone lines went down, which is a huge stress factor for our business. Everything just seemed to be going wrong. And I knew it was going to throw all my days off. I went home, napped it out for a few minutes and then got a 2 mile run in. Again the sweat and satisfication got me better.

The last 2 days, Thursday and Friday have been all about work and catching up with things online. Since I am going on vacation on Tuesday, I don't want to bring my laptop. It will make for my room in my luggage, I don't have to worry about lugging it around or losing it. I broke my charger to it, so I would have to use James's anyway and I don't want the responsibilty of losing his. So I am trying to catch up on some things, mainly on my sites I test products and such for, before I go. Don't worry I can update my blog from my phone, might not be so frequent but I will try!

So Thursday, Friday and Today, have kind of been my rest days. I am still earning activity points through my FitBit and hitting 10,000 steps. I have been on my longest streak yet, Sunday-Friday so far hitting 10,000 every day. Yesterday I had to pace back and forth to get it but I am determined. I am planning on after work tonight to get a little bit at the gym. I wanted to this morning, but honestly, I just wanted to lay in bed for a few more minutes.

I don't sleep in on vacation because I want to spend every waking moment with my family, so I took advantage these last 3 days too, just relax in the morning. But it is on my radar tonight after work, to hit up the gym. I am determined to do so, lets just hope everything with work will fall into place for that too.

This week has been better than expected. I really do not like this week at all. Father's Day as you can imagine is not a holiday I truly like anymore and day after day, engraving sweet sentiments about dad becomes a whole lot for me, but I guess it is true what they say, it does get a little easier. I have a fun 5k I am doing tomorrow, so I will defintely post about that.

Eating wise this week has been good. I have been bringing my lunch every day, expect today. I like to just get something at work on Saturdays when I have double coverage. I have a salad at Starbucks calling my name, mainly because I get bonus points getting it and it looks good lol. The scale has been jumping up and down a lot lately. It wont budge from these few pounds. It is driving me a little nutty and I am really trying to not let it get me down at all.

So no cheats these next 3 days and then you know what I will enjoy a bit on vacation. I wont go crazy, but pick things I would normally never eat and enjoy or drink. I think I am fighting a lot of water weight, but the scale does not define me!!

Thanks for reading on my rambles of the week.

Hope you are having a good one too!!!