Saturday, June 13, 2015

Stepping On Point

Happy Saturday everyone!!!

Whew what a week it has been. MY TOM was kicking my butt this week for a bit on the craving side. I was in pure snack attack mood this week, but to combat that I stayed pretty active and I'm extremely happy about that.

I earned 36 activity points this week!! I haven't earned that many in a really long time. And the best part is , I worked out in some sort of activity everyday except today and yesterday!!

I can't tell you the last time I did that..

One day I forgot a picture lol! But I was active from working out in the gym, running and even going for just a long walk. I forgot how much I love just a simple walk. I felt great all week, I had energy and slept even better. 

I think what probably motivated me the most is my FitBit. With the FitBit you can set up challenges with friends to see who can have the most steps in a week..

Look at that, I won too!!!!

I did the hustle with my girls from back home and my cousins wife and some other ladies. It was so helpful and motivating. I found myself taking the stairs more, parking further away and walking around my apartment until I got all my steps in. I wanted to work out more and longer. Seriously it is an amazing thing!

We are setting up another one this week which I'm happy about because this is a long upcoming week for me. It is Father's Day peek, which means 6 days for me and it can be oh so busy!!

So this will motivate me to still want to work out and get my steps in, even if I'm tired! I used today and yesterday as a rest day just because. Almost a little reward for me for staying on track all week. It feels really good.

Decided not to enter in my weight this week because you know what the scale can suck it. I know I was up because of Aunt Flo BUT I know I did amazing being on track. So I want to ride that high for one more week!!

And when I looked in the mirror today I loved how I looked even in a striped shirt!

I celebrate my little moments!!

So that's my week In a nutshell. Stayed active and on point and looking forward to another successful week!