Sunday, June 7, 2015

Sunday Reflections

Yay it is Sunday!!!!!

Seriously, I think Sunday is one of my favorite times of the week. I am usually off on Sunday's, I sleep in, get some laundry done, usually clean up the apartment a bit, I drink lots of coffee, take a long nap, catch up on my Netflix and read my book. Oh and my most favorite time of the day, getting a run in sometime.

My Sunday mornings for months and probably a whole year, consisted of me getting up at 4:00 am and going downtown and pounding out miles and miles. I LOVED IT. I craved it. But it made for my Saturday nights to be very simple because I had to get up so early.

 I like the transistion I have now on my Sunday mornings. They are feeling more like a day off for me again. Before, they honestly felt like another day of work. BUT I would be lying, as much as I love my lazy Sunday's, I miss those sunrise runs, the smell of morning, seeing people do the walk of shame, seeing other runners taking on the morning.

While, I love my sleepy mornings and kicking back with my coffee, I miss those runs for sure.

I will get back to those morning runs, maybe not every Sunday, because man I love the cuddle mornings, but once a week. I guess, I am just missing what it was like.

Alright, so after that totally random post on my Sunday mornings. Lets recap the week a bit, well from Wednesday on.

I have to say this week was pretty freaking great. It started off a bit rought with a bad day on Monday, but I worked out, Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday. That is a big deal for me.

I am finally getting consistent with my workouts and feeling really good about them. I have been incorporating running and weights and mixing them up. I am laying a little heavier on the cardio side because I it gets me sweaty quickly and I don't know I love the feeling I get from cardio, mainly just the running aspect and the elipitical. Then I have been doing some stair workouts and sprints, and then doing some weights in my arms and a full body type of work out.

I found a great one with SkinnyMeg and I did it on Thursday and still today, my arms and upper body are sore lol.

The scale and I have been battling a bit this week. One day, I am up, the next day I am down. But there is movement in the right direction, so I am happy with that. I think I am going to switch up my weigh in day, I was telling my friend Melissa yesterday, that usually on Friday nights because James's closes that night we get dinner to go, usually Chipotle. So when I weigh in on Saturday morning, the scale reflects the salt, making the scale go up. So for me to enjoy life a little bit, I am going to try to weigh in on Friday, so I can enjoy my meal and not feel so guilty.

I did weigh in yesterday, and I was down .4. Wish it was more, but hey a loss is a loss and just like a win is a win it just feels good. My clothes feel a bit different too, and I can see some change in the mirror. I am really just feeling great lately. My choices have been good, sure I have my moments when all I want is carbs, I am human, but the next meal, I try to limit as much as I can. It is all about balance right!!

And my water has been on point too and incorporating green tea in my life again. So it was a good week, after the week prior when I felt all off. Keeping this week going the same. I have my family vacation at the end of the month and I want to make sure I look my very best!!

Hope everyone had a great week also of small victories and Big accomplishments!!!