Monday, June 8, 2015

Fab Food Finds

Okay so one of my favorite posts is my Fab Finds Post, so here you go, there is a lot of awesomeness going on here!!

Love these little wontons from Trader Joe's put these in a cup of chicken broth and bam wonton soup!! 4 of the wontons are 1pp or 50 calories

These are amazing!! So good, quick and easy! The flavors are perfect! I stocked up a ton of each of these flavors! I can't pick one as my favorite, they all are haha 

I love Thomas and his limited editions because if I had these year round I would eat them all the time! These are perfect topped with Yoplait Greek 100 vanilla cupcake whips!

Dangerous but oh so good! 24 pieces is the serving size for 4pp, measure out! I like them better than the vanilla cupcake goldfish 

These I found new at Walmart yesterday! They are to go and quick and had a 1.00 off so they automatically went into my cart! Trying them in my lunch tomorrow!

And these are too..

Packed with protein! I love quick snacks, because I love to snack!! And only 1pp!

Found these at CVS today and holy yum!! Taste just like a Swedish fish! New favorite

Received these for free for testing purposes through crowd tap, you just add to milk and ice! Holy easy and tasty! Beware iced coffee post coming soon

This milk is amazing! I mean amazing!!! It is so creamy and taste just like regular full fat chocolate milk, I had two glasses last night it was soo stinking good!

And lastly, these two have been my morning favorites lately! I love anything banana and this cream of white has so much banana flavor and the snicker doodle is a nice Change of pace to my. Coffee! 3pp and 1pp

Most of these fab finds were Walmart, Winn Dixie, CVS and Big Lots!

I shop a lot 😄