Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Double Digits, Baby!!

Well, I knew this day was fast approaching, the day I had to increase my mileage to the double digits. Running 10 miles is a long time, the count down on my Runtastic app, counts down for me each mile and when I hit 5, I love knowing I am only half way there. Its crazy to think, I am running 10 miles and then it is even more crazier, knowing I have only done half of my workout at that point.

When I know I am running a long run, I prep my mind and body for it. I make sure everyday I say on Wednesday or whatever day it may be, I am running so and so miles, it pumps me up. Even better, it holds me accountable for those miles. I feel when I say it out loud, it puts it out there in the world and I don't want to disappoint anyone if I don't follow through with what I said I was going to do. I wanted to go this morning at 5:00 AM, well get up at 5:00 at least, I got up and decided I just needed at least an hour more of sleep. 

Increasing my mileage has definitely put a toll on my energy level, so I am feeling it a lot in the morning. I slept to about 6:00 and then prepped myself for the run. I ate 1 multi grain waffle with Planter's Energy Banana Granola Peanut Butter, a banana and a bottle of water, took my multivitamins and made my way downtown. I brought along my 4 water bottle fuel belt, the first time I would be using it, and filled the bottles with NUUN to keep me hydrated. I brought a GU like item for energy for mile 7. 

Believe it or not my run went great this morning. The belt was tight, which I loved, I didn't have to fix it at all, the water bottles worked at very well and the GU, was a little hard to get down, it was warm, but I made it through. Around mile 5, my legs were getting a little heavy and then mile 8 I got a burst of energy and was able to finish strong. Its tiring and at some points I am burnt out and just cant wait for my walk interval or when the miles are going to stop. Then when it is all over, I sit and think, I could have done more or I cant wait to do more.

I stretched afterwords, my legs were tight for sure and then just sat and watched the water for about 20 minutes and refuelled with my fat free chocolate milk. I wasn't hungry or too thirsty, I felt pretty great. I was soaked to the core with sweat, it was in my eyes, ears and my arms were glistening like Edward in Twilight, but I felt accomplished. I finished 18 seconds faster than my first ever 10 mile run back in January, which over all made it about 2-3 minutes faster of a pace. I have a goal in mind I want to achieve the Half Marathon in and I know I am on my way. 

Right now, feeling a bit tired, a little sore, but determined and accomplished. My next long run will be next Saturday and tackling the 10 miles again. And like they say, a half marathon is just a 5k with a 10 mile warm-up.

Working on my warm up!!!