Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Fab Finds: Clearance Deals at Target

Well I am totally one of those people who go into Target for one thing and a cart load later, I'm walking out with tons of things!

SERIOUSLY! I envy those who can do that. I went to Target today.y because it was my day off and I had a 5.00 gift card I earned from them from some purchase I had made, so being it was my day off and I really had nothing else to do, already did my 9 miles early this morning AND I was in the area, why the heck not?! Well I am a bargain shopper to begin with, I am not one to buy full price. So I search for clearance and I went there looking for clearance, usually food type of clearance and clothes.

Here are some of my fantastic finds that are oh so random lol:

So excited about this find! A chevron pencil skirt in hot pink and gray! A size small, something I can squeeze into  AND only 5.98, originally 19.99!

I think I did a happy  jig when I spotted this one. At work we have a dress code of black, white or grey, so once I see something in those colors, I snatch it up and this is super cute and since I live in Florida, I can pull this off for months. Originally 26.00, got it for 7.48.

Shirts to match the skirts of course, 5.00 bucks each, super soft and stretchy. Love comfy clothes that still can be dressed up and who doesn't love a simple tee.

I love performance socks and C9, Target's athletic line by Champion has the best. I have a pack of these in black and love them, especially when it gets cooler. These were a 3 pair pack that came in pink, red and blue, originally 9.00 dollars, got them for 2.70. As a runner, having too many socks is never a bad thing.

I love mini sharpies!! And my Boyfriend uses them for marking his golf balls, so I figured it was a good buy, originally 1.00, 25 cents a piece.

See I can eat whatever I want with Weight Watchers and if I want to have on hand, Lindt special chocolate I can. No shame, as long as I track and in moderation. And these flavors are too die for, especially the coconut one. The Blue Diamond almonds are perfect to just store in my car or bag at work, quick and easy and healthy. Almonds originally 99. got for .48 and candy originally 2.99, got for a 1.38 and worth it!

I wrote a post about these a while back because I received them in a Bulu Box. I really liked them but at 7.19 a box, I wasn't hooked, BUT at 3.48 a box, oh yeah I will use them. The Blueberry Banana one is super delicious and perfect to have right before a run, it did help with energy and they taste great and only 2pp.

BIG STAPLE in my house. Sugar free jam is where it is at, we use it on toast, in my oatmeal, baking, etc. and at .66 cents a piece with a year long shelf life, yup I picked up a few for sure!

And these were sort of an impulse, I mean everything was impulse but I am not going back to school or anything like that, but I could so use more notebooks for work and just to have around. 2 pack of Five Start for 1.60 and a planner good until next year 2.08. I love big planners and of course pink and after back to school they are hard to come by and expensive. I might have to go back and get the smaller one too, just in case.

So they aren't exciting items, but like I mentioned when I find some fab finds, I will make sure to post. Check out your Target clearance, I bet there are some fun items waiting to come home with you too!