Thursday, September 5, 2013

Fab Find: Progresso Light Soup

I love soup! I seriously love soup, I can eat it everyday if I could and some weeks I seem like I am. I think it is a perfect meal. I sometimes pair soup up with a sandwich, salad, or just some crackers. The one thing about canned soups that get me, is the serving size. On the can it calls for about 1 cup is considered a serving size. I find it annoying to measure out a cup of soup, then put it away. I mean I would do that if I had too, but usually because I use soup as my main meal, I make the whole can and eat it that way. This is why I love Progresso Light Soups because a full can is light and filling and you don't feel heavy even if it is a cream based soup. Progresso Light has so many different variations and they are the only soup endorsed by Weight Watchers. Each LIGHT version has the Points Plus value on the outside of the can and they range from 1-2 points for the serving size. For a whole can it depends. I usually count the can as two serving sizes.

My new favorite is also a new flavor to the light variations.

I made this for lunch the other day. One cup is 2pp and the whole can is 4pp and for a lunch that is a nice points plus value. I paired the soup up with some Saltine Whole Grain crackers and some grapes. I know from my WW meeting a lot of people add some veggies or barley to the soup to bulk it up and give it more substance. This one I felt had a lot of substance, hunks of chicken, tomato and spice. It was cheesy which is something I adore. I sprinkled some pepper to give it a little kick and it was delicious.

Check out all the varieties the Light line has in store and find your new favorite.