Monday, September 2, 2013

The Start of My Pumpkin & Fall Obsession..

I think because I live in the sunshine state, I tend to dive into fall like items pretty hard. Living back in NY, I know Fall was by far my favorite time of year, I loved the crisp air, wearing hoodies with a broken in pair of jeans, hot apple cider, leaves changing, wearing hats, windows open and PUMPKIN!!! Everything and anything PUMPKIN. Due to the fact it was just a way of life back home, I just went it with it, took it for granted, but living here in Florida, I have to tell you I really miss Fall and all that it brought. I live through seeing other peoples Instagram and Facebook posts about the fall, apple picking, pumpkin patches and the release of pumpkin coffee, cookies, etc. So when I find stuff that reminds me of home I go nuts and get everything they sell, I do have some limits I'm sure, just haven't found it yet.

Considering it is only September 2, I have to pace myself, I have a good 2 months before the Christmas obsession sets in. We went to Target yesterday and I beelined to the fall section and found my heaven. I seriously was walking up and down the aisles trying to find anything that was fall, apple or pumpkin related.

Here are some of my favorite finds thus far...

It was a whole section of fall flavored coffee!! Ahh, in heaven! Caramel Apple, Candy Corn, Hot Buttered Rum and Pumpkin Spice.
I went with the Candy Corn, because I was so intrigued! Next will be Hot Buttered Rum, it reminds me of my Favorite Yankee Candle, Candle.

Target was running a great sale on the Dunkin Donuts coffee, buy 2 get a free DD mug. Well I am a sucker for anything free and I love coffee mugs, I collect them, so this was a win win for me, especially because DD has the best pumpkin spice coffee, EVER, and Apple Pie seems right up my alley!

As stated I went with the Candy Corn coffee, along with the DD two flavors, then I found SUGAR FREE pumpkin Spice coffee syrup (which I use in more than coffee) and my favorite Yoplait light yogurt, Pumpkin Pie for 2pp!

This is just the start, I spotted a tons of other great items, but I have to pace myself, lol. I'll give myself a couple of weeks and then the apartment will be covered in everything fall, Halloween and coziness, even if it 90 degrees outside!