Friday, September 27, 2013

Finally Friday!

It has been a long week to say the least. Busy at work all week, early hours and worked every day including Sunday and haven't had a day off since last Wednesday. Yes, its exhausting, tiring but in the end I know all my hard work and dedication is worth it. The beginning of the week it was really laying heavy on me, the rain didn't make it any better, and I was just a pure crank monster. Crank Monster= Cranky, crazy, monster like state of mind and attitude. I came home from work and just didn't want to do, see or engage in anything. My body felt so run down. On Wednesday finally the rain cleared up and so did I with an amazing 4.28 mile run, seriously it was exactly what I needed and ever since then I have been feeling great. Got another run in last night, 3.50 miles and then tonight I got a 2.00 mile walk in because I am planning on doing my long run of 10 miles in the morning.

Due to my crank monster attitude all week, I was happy to have a half day today at work and I just took some time to myself. I stopped my GNC and Barnes and Nobles and surprised my boyfriend for lunch, we went to Panera and my mood and life was back to normal. Isn't it crazy how a couple of days just come out of nowhere and rock you. After my awesome lunch with an even better lunch date, I went home and Napped. Yup, an under the covers, AC blasting, phone on silent nap. Felt great.

To keep our great day going, we decided  it was going to be a date night. We got pizza, yup pizza, counted the points, and maybe I didn't count every piece of Cheesy bread I ate. I am only human and I love bread and sometimes I just want it. Tonight I wanted it, plus I try to justify I AM running 10 miles in the morning, haha. I work hard every day and every week, if I want pizza and bread I will get it. After the awesome pizza we went to the movies and saw Don Jon. Joesph Gordon Levitt is my new favorite actor, he is gorgeous and his accent, NJ accent did it for me in this movie.

The movie is definitely not an Oscar winner, but it was a nice movie that had a romantic twist, but had LOTS of guy factors to it also. Win Win for both of us.

You know, even though we spend every day together, every night, practically every minute, it is still nice to have a date night and I seriously fall in love all over again. He is my rock and so glad we are in each others lives and puts up with my Crank Monster days. We are domesticate, simple but mostly we are happy. So even though the week started a bit rough and I never thought this day would come this week, I am glad it was worth the wait because today was pretty great!

Happy Friday, ya'll!