Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sunday RUNday

Happy September First!!!! Cant believe August flew on by and this year is moving by so quickly. And the Christmas season is making its way faster than ever!! But besides all of that today I proclaimed it to be Sunday RUNday, hehe.

 I started my morning off with a 5 mile run with one of my best friends, Jacke. We went downtown, it was a gorgeous morning and an eventful one at that. We have driven downtown for over a year plus now doing our runs, and today we took one wrong turn and ended a half hour of our day, lol. We were all over the place. Then as we are running, getting into a really great pace, we're chatting, I decide to trip, fall, slide and crash into a fisherman's bucket full of fish!!!

 It seriously was something out of a cartoon. I was dying laughing as it was happening, mainly because I could care less what might happen to me, I did not want to land on any of the fish. YUCK!!!! So I got up, brushed myself off and we continued on our 5 mile run. We finished strong and kept a great pace. For being 8 am it was a lot hotter than last week and earlier when I did my 9 miles, but I love a good sweaty run, I feel satisfied. I did dress all in black, I figured it was a funeral for my fat! lol.

So after my crash course of a start to the morning, I came home, washed up and my boyfriend and I went about our day off. It is rare we get a day off together and this week we were blessed to have a couple of them. Today, a Sunday, we had off together, which seriously warms my heart. I wanted to go to Fit2Run to get new running shoes, considering I received a 25 dollar gift card for the half marathon.

It's Labor Day weekend, so stores tend to have a good sale going on, and I have a rewards card with them so I get 10 % off. Fit2Run is a running superstore and probably one of my favorite places on Earth. They have tons of running shoes, they hold weekly free fun runs, running accessories and awesome customer service. They analyze your stride and gait by running on a treadmill. Then they have track in the store, so you can run around and try out your shoes. It really is the best place to buy your running shoes.

I got my stride analyzed and found out I have a pretty great stride, which I was happy about. I have a medium to light stability and my left foot turns a little inward when I run, while my right foot stays straight. I was amazed because I thought the same thing, I felt like I was running sideways at times. My salesperson got my shoes that match my results, one was a Nike, Brooks and Asics. I have only owned Asics for running, both my other pairs were, I tend to have a loyalty to them. I tried on all 3, ran around and even tried with inserts they were selling. As much as I love Asics and there amazing designs and colors, I couldn't get them again. The pair I tried on, felt tight and heavy, they were even on sale and I just knew it was going to be a wrong decision.

I branched out and tried on Brooks and we can say I fell in love. I have never put on a shoe and had it feel so light, it was as if I had nothing on. I ran around and seriously wanted to run out of the store and keep running they felt that great. I bought my shoes in of course pink and silver!! I picked up some NUUN and some Cliff Bars I hadn't seen anywhere else.

Later in the day, after my boyfriend and I were done running errands, I knew I had to try out my new shoes. They were seriously calling my name. I laced those beautiful guys up and went for a night time run. Managed to do a 5k in 33 minutes, very happy with that pace and my feet felt great. I could see and feel the difference in my stride and I felt my run was happier! These were a great choice and cant wait to run my 4th half marathon in them.

I highly recommend you go to running store and check them out. These associates know what they are talking about, they run too, and the store is based all around your favorite passion and a new pair of shoes seriously does change your life!