Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Nathan Running Water/Fuel Belt

With my last couple of long and short runs, my water/fuel belt has seen some better days. I have tripped and fell and bottles have been broken, it is just time to move on and get a new one. I got mine last year from my boyfriend and I have put it to some serious use and because I have lost the weight, it doesn't hold up as well anymore. It slides and hits my legs, makes it uncomfortable at times to get into a good pace, when I'm stopping to fix it. And I need water, I have tried and cant do it.

My boyfriend got mine from Dicks and it was sort of pricey, so I knew I didn't want to go back. I was looking for one that had more of belt idea, rather than the Velcro. My running bff suggested to try TJMaxx or Marshalls, sometimes you can find really great ones there. So I was in the area and figured I would pop into a TJMaxx. Sure enough I found what I was looking for! They had mine I had gotten at Dicks, originally for 47.00, there price 24.99! Ouch! They had it in pink and orange. I figured that would be good, they had the two bottle one in orange with the belt clip too, exactly what I was looking for. Then tucked away on the shelf was this beauty....

4 bottle water and fuel belt for 20.00 on clearance!!! I grabbed it so quickly, I couldn't believe it, 4 bottles can be as high as 60.00 bucks and to be on clearance for 20.00, too good to be true. The water bottles are different, they have a open close water nozzle, that you just suck from, rather than the other ones, which I was having an issue leaking with anyway. Its not pink, but I can deal, I have a lot of pink gear anyway to offset it lol. I was so excited for this find, 4 bottles is just what I needed and really is a gem in my running world.

It is the Velcro latching but I can learn to live considering this might hold up better since is brand new and smaller than what I had. I can not wait to try it out and get used to it before the half marathon in November. I am still on the look out for the one with the clip and if I find one, I will pick it up, just like anything in my running obsession, you can never have too many of the things that work the best for you!