Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Weekly Weigh In: Frustrated but Keeping On

Day off today and like most times I have off on a weigh in day, I weigh in the morning. I got up early this morning and got a 5k in, had a really good time with my run this morning. It had just rained probably about 30 minutes before so it was humid but the sweat was kind of refreshing. I had some things to do after my run, I showered and then went to WW to weigh in and I had a gain. A gain of .8. I get .8 isn't that bad but after a gain of last week, I thought for sure I was going to have a loss. I ran 9 miles last Wednesday and did two runs on Sunday, 5 in the morning and 3 at night and ran this morning and did yoga last night. I didn't go into my weeklies, but did eat my activity points, especially on the day I ran 9 miles. I guess I am just a little frustrated with what I'm getting.

I eat well, I do have cheat days and probably this week more than most, because we met up with family, went to a football game and I was just feeling hungry. A friend of mine reached out to me and suggested I look into the Simply Filling Technique of Weight Watchers, I'm intrigued by the idea, so I am going to look into and if I'm unhappy with the results next week, might have to switch it up a bit. Plus, my lovely monthly gift showed up, which I am sure had a lot to do with it. So today begins another week, usually on Tuesdays, I don't track, its my free day per say, but I am going to track, just to hold myself accountable. I'm still going to enjoy Taco Tuesday because it is literally my favorite time of the week, but I'm not giving up.

I just have to keep on keeping on and hope for a better week next week.

Last week: 151.6
Current Week: 152.4
Beginning of August weigh in: 155.4
Beginning of September weigh in: 152.4
I guess there is a little bit of a silver lining