Thursday, August 6, 2015

Getting Rid of my Wisdom

Good Thursday Morning!!!

Lots going on here this morning in my world. Just spent an hour on the phone with someone about a bill I pay and it still wasn't resolved, ughhh being an adult and with serious debt from personal issues, years ago, my dad racked up my bills, really takes a toll on it BUT you know what, not letting it control me.

To be honest it was a nice distraction this morning because I will be having my wisdom teeth out in one hour. I am not nervous, just hoping it isn't as painful as everyone has been telling me. The sucky thing is I  haven't ate anything since midnight last night and I am starving and thirsty!!!! Not a great combo.

But I stocked up on jello, yogurt, and pudding. Also having James make me mashed potatoes and well he probably will be getting me a Coolatta or something to that nature tonight haha.

I do not like pain and I do not do well with pain, so this should be interesting. I am off to work all weekend too, so I am hoping to be able to still enjoy the time off even though I might be in pain.

Oh and I really, really miss my coffee this morning.

Alright just wanted a quick check in, hoping to check back in later, you know when I am all nice and relaxed haha.

Have a great day!!!