Sunday, August 2, 2015

Week Recap, July Recap and August Goals

Hi everyone!!!

Whew, this week just got away from me. It started off great and ready to go and then Thursday came and BAM it hit me all at once. I had a travel day that day, it was sooo hot and my car has poor AC and it just knocked me out and on top of having my Period, well it was not a great mix.

BUT I have to say this week I got 4 1/2 work outs and I am so proud of that. I switched it up a whole lot between walks to the store and back, dancing while cleaning, the gym, doing weights, the elliptical, bike and treadmill at an incline and a great 3 mile run on Tuesday. I got 30 minutes or more in each work out and felt amazing.

Friday, I had plans of making it a 5th day but I had to go into work earlier than planned and it was raining, shocker, and I just wanted a few more minutes. After work we had a friends Birthday, so I just sucked it up as a rest day, the same today and Saturday, I know not the best, but I have to make do a bit this week.

I also was great with water intake this week and every day I took my meals and cooked every day. I got a Groupon for Hello Fresh and I can't wait to show you the meals I did with them. We did order in last night and tonight and I am taking advantage of it because on Thursday I get my wisdom teeth out and wont be able to eat solids for a few days haha.

Lets hope there might be some weight loss too.

Oh speaking of that, I lost .6. Not great but on my period week, well that is a HUGE win. I am just praying this is just a great movement in the right direction.

Every time I wish I could just drop some and there I go, but I have given up and just hoping for a little improvement each week.

July was a pretty fantastic month also if we look back on it. I did lose the water weight from my vacation, I turned 30 and kept busy. I got back my running love and continued to just shake it up and branch out.

I don't have much goals for August expect

Drink 100 oz a day
Work out 4-5 Days a week
Eat out only Twice a Week
Don't step on the scale every day
Read at least one book a week!
Loose 2-3 pounds

Continue to love yourself!

Pretty simple and Attainable