Saturday, August 15, 2015

Real Talk!!!

Alright people lets get to some real talk today. I am a bit bummed out with myself this morning. I had planned from last Saturday I was going to get up early and go to the Free Yoga they have in downtown St. Pete. I have never done a yoga class before, it was outside and I thought it would be something neat and cool to do before work today.

Well then my alarm went off and I went back to sleep. I slept horrible last night, tossing and turning at every chance. I woke up in cold sweats and my throat was a bit sore. I just felt out of it. My body even felt sore. It was strange and I laid there for awhile and then finally decided I wanted to go back to sleep.

I haven't been sleeping all that great and the last 3 days, since Thursday, my motivation and ambition has flown out the window when it comes to working out. I just feel blah. Its funny last week when I was healing from my wisdom teeth, I was bummed out I wasn't working out and couldn't wait too. These past 3 days, I just wasn't into it. I did do an AB work out on Thursday night and I am still feeling it today, which is great, but honestly that isn't going to burn calories or anything

I just haven't been giving it my all at all on the working out front, I have been trying my best, but not my hardest by far. And I need too. I know sometimes I am too hard on myself, I am not going to be like other women who work out. I am not a consistent 5:00 am work out person. I did that every Sunday for weeks and weeks, months and months with marathon training and it burned me out. And I think I just haven't got away from that.

I feel like this before my time of the month, I know that is what is going on this weekend. Also before the beginning of it. I know these are the reasons and I shouldn't beat myself up, but I do because it is frustrating because I feel like I am letting myself down and I know I can do better. Damn hormones!!!

So this is the deal, I am not going to give my best but I am going do my hardest. I am going to switch it up. I am going to take 2 rest days. Yes, I will take 2 rest days. And if I want to take one more that week I will. I will run two days a week, then maybe one day just a walk day and the other days the gym. I can do that. I will be consistent with that. But I will not beat myself up for it. Hell I will not stop forever, the first step is admitting it and I am admitting it, I haven't given 100%, just about 80%.

So starting tomorrow, which I already have a run planned with Nanci, god I am so excited. That is a 4:30 wake up call, I do not mind at all!!!

Okay, and on the eating front. I have been doing good, that I have been doing my hardest. I have been eating over my points but it works for me. My water intake has been great, but what has thrown me off was for the last week, I have had hardly any veggies or fruit because of my wisdom teeth, so tomorrow is a grocery haul. And I can not wait to dive into those deliciousness.

My whole real talk is Shit happens. You can have some bad days, but don't make it a bad month, bad week because before you know it, its a bad year and you just cant seem to dig yourself out. I had to face it and move on.

So I am ready to have a schedule and a plan and way to get it done!!!

Have an awesome weekend!!!!