Thursday, August 20, 2015

Better Skin Challenge with Maybelline

Hey Everyone!!!

I was given a free, full, size sample of Maybelline's new make up foundation, called Superstay Better Skin. It is a long wearing foundation, that will help, clear up and better your skin in just 3 weeks of wearing.

I was a little indifferent at first because sometimes foundations and make up make my skin feel very heavy and caked on. And I don't have AC in my car, and well I live in Florida and my make up seems to just come right off with sweat. But I figured I would give it try, and praying anything would work. Because there is nothing worse than going into work looking like a Hot Mess.

I used the foundation for 3 weeks and did indeed see a difference. My face was less red and blotchy. I tend to get that way around this time of year. Plus due to the sun my face is uneven, especially around my cheeks. But the foundation actually even out my skin tone!!

Heck Yes!!!

The foundation was light, but I do admit it wasn't smooth going on. A make up applicator could be used, I just used my fingers and rubbed it in. My skin never felt heavy and that make up lasted all day long. Sometimes I even would forget to take it off at night, not even realizing I had make up on.

Morning until Night

It is a liquid application BUT I bet this would be great as a mousse one too.

I will be using the rest of this because I really have seen great results and will be buying once the bottle is done.

Check it out yourself!!!!

Even though I received this product for free through Influenster and Maybelline, my opinions are all my own.