Saturday, August 15, 2015

Hello Fresh Review

Back in June I ordered a Groupon for w great deal on the meal delivery service, Hello Fresh.

I'm sure on Facebook and even commercials you have seen the company Blue Apron, this is very similar! The idea is they will ship you 3 meals for 2-4 people depending on the package you choose. You can choose the meals you want, or by chance let them do it for you.  You can choose with meat items or with just veggies and herbs. We went with meat and one veggie item, well kind of two.

I choose 2 meals and then they sent me a 3rd. It comes shipped and packed all to go for you. I was nervous since we work during the day, to have it sitting outside for hours at our apartment, so I scheduled myself off.

They were packaged around a ton of dry ice! It was definitely well chilled!! And packaged perfectly by each meal. I was highly impressed.

Each meal came with a rec. card with very detailed instructions on how to prepare and the measurements of what you were receiving! Everything was pre weighed out for you..

I made this one first, Pan Seared Mahi Mahi and citrus herb salad with couscous and bell peppers

Everything was fresh and smelled amazing! I felt like I was real chef!!!

I was scared to cook fish BUT James loves it and I wanted to really give it a try.

I even used my grill pan!

Look how awesome!!!!!

It was perfect! James was so happy and loved it and even took a picture because he was so impressed!! Puffy hearts and all!

I didn't take pictures of the sweet potato one, I completely forgot! So bad of me!

The third was the beef pasta dish! And this one was no way for 2 people! We had tons of leftovers and it was sooo cheesy and good! 

What I loved about this service was it got me cooking with ingredients I don't normall cook with and herbs! It awakened my senses and I wasn't afraid to cook with onions or different things.

I didn't order more for financial reasons but I will again on Groupn! I highly recommended it to everyone I know! Have fun with it and enjoy cooking!!