Sunday, August 9, 2015

Sunday Morning Reflections

Good Sunday Morning!!!

It is a glorious one here in Florida too. And what made it even better, I got to sleep in with no alarm set and nothing to worry about. I could wake up, go pee and go right back to bed. Come on, you know you love that feeling.

I did wake up with a slight headache this morning. I think it was my sinuses. The Dentist said I might experience something like that and my stomach a little funky, due to the Penicillin. But all in all I have to say this wisdom teeth pulling was not at all what I thought it was going to be.

I had heard so many bad stories from friends and family how much it hurt. How long I was going to be pain for, etc. And honestly I have had some pain but more discomfort than anything. My swelling was nothing what I expected it to be. Again I thought I would have these big old chipmunk cheeks. And actually just one side of my face has been swollen and it is the side they had to put stitches in.

I had a bit of a fever but that was the extent of the majorness of it. I do admit I am scared to eat anything hard right now too. So I am still on the soft food train. I have been having soup, mashed potatoes, yogurt, jell-o, applesauce and protein shakes. I did try some pasta, but I didn't even bother chewing, I just had it whole.

I have been moving from the couch to the bed a lot and it has been great. I have gotten a lot of rest and relaxation. I haven't even turned on the TV in two days. I have just been reading and I plan on doing the same today. The instructions said to not do any exercise for the couple of days on the pills and I am glad I have listened because the one does make me a bit tired and the other rumbles my stomach.

Tomorrow I am gonna try walking again on then by Wednesday I will run a bit. This has forced me to stay still a lot and I feel okay with it. Another great thing is my cravings  have gone down a whole lot.  I am not hungry at night and looking for snacks and if so it is applesauce or Jell-o or yogurt. And I lost 1.2 pounds too. So I am hoping this is helping me jump that hurdle and get over the plateau I was on.

The only crappy thing is I really miss veggies and fruit, like I could really go for some carrots and hummus. Hahah, honestly who says that. And a good crunchy grape!!

I am gonna pick up some softer fruits today since it has been a few days. James's mom is in town and she spoils the hell out of us when she comes in. I mean she takes out to dinner, breakfast, the whole nine yards and then takes us to Target to get stuff for our apartment. And seriously who am I to argue with that :0) That is my agenda today and then more relaxing since I go back to work tomorrow.

So I survived my first surgery per say with flying colors.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!!