Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sunday Reflections

Good Morning or Good Afternoon at this point!!

I have had an awesome, relaxing morning so far. I am off of work today and really have nothing going on. I have a weird work schedule this week, so I really wanted to take today to recharge a bit, sleep in, get some stuff done online, take a nap maybe, read and just really chill out. And so far, I have just done all of that, besides the nap haha.

And another awesome thing, I have the windows open in our apartment, which for August is HUGE here in Florida, but with that crazy rain we might be getting soon, it brought in a bit of cooler air, for now.

So reflecting back on my week, it was a pretty decent one. I stayed busy with my work outs and switched it up a bit. I did 2 walks on the beach, which is by far one of my favorite places to go and walk and run, there is a perfect pathway. It is a bit cooler by the beach because of the water and it is just so nice. So I walked there on Monday with my friend Megan and then on Wednesday morning I went also. Tuesday was my long travel day at work, I had to drive to Fort Myers and back. And without AC that is just darn right miserable. So when I got home, I was absolutely beat, so I took a quick nap to just cool down a bit and then went for a 3 mile run.

The biggest part of that run was not my pace, which wasn't great but it was the fact that I got out there and ran even though I was feeling exhausted and like crap. Thursday, I used as a rest day because we went to our friends house the night before. I had one too many beers and it was not settling right in my stomach. And I had to close at work that night.

Friday I had an awesome run downtown. I was off of work on Friday and I got up and decided I wanted to get some mileage downtown. I went out for 2 miles and then turned around and came back to get in a nice 4 miles. I felt really good during the run and was shooting for some negative splits and even had some nice success with it. The weather wasn't horrible at all. I love downtown because bathrooms are available and water areas. Plus it is so motivating seeing other people out running, walking, biking, bootcamping it up, it makes for just a great big fitness community.

Once I was done I headed to Panera for some breakfast and then to Trader Joe's to do some shopping.

I spent the rest of the day, just kind of hanging out and meeting up with James for lunch. I usually pick up and clean our apartment during the week, so I don't have to do so much on my days off and gives me an excuse to just chill out. Heck that's what days off are for and I love to put things off haha.

Last night, we went over to our friends house and between venting about our jobs and life in general, me and Megan killed a bottle of wine, well we kind of each killed our own bottle of wine. Seriously it was a perfect way to unwind after a weird day and long week. I had no shame or regrets. I mean this is life and it is all about balance!

So on the weight scale, which I want to throw that damn thing out the window, I stayed the same. NO gain and NO loss. Which really, really sucks but hey it could be worse. So this week, continuing what I am doing and maybe a little less snacking. I have been eating my activity points and it is working. But maybe not going over the 26pp each day. At night instead of going for lower point options, which I do, sticking to fruits, which are no points and then I wont feel so guilty.

So another good week, but I am shaping up to make this week even better!!!