Friday, August 7, 2015

Friday Fab Finds


So I survived my wisdom teeth removal! And I think my dentist has magical hands because I am in nowhere any pain like I thought I would be. Sure I'm hurting but not bed ridden or anything to that nature. The meds definitely help and boy was I happy and loopy yesterday but today I'm good. Lots of rest and soft foods are on my list, let's see if this will jump a plateau with weight loss too haha, gotta get something out of this!

Okay so it's Friday and I have some Fab Finds to share...

1pp per cookie and I have to say I really like these. I'm not a huge Oreo fan, don't get me wrong I love em but I prefer a warm, chocolate chip cookie over anything else. But these are nice when you want something sweet and crunchy and it is just enough.

Little forward warning, lots of yogurt coming up. I love yogurt and if it has coconut well I am game!! Yoplait has some amazing flavors lately!

With the coconut theme, I love this stuff. I took this before a run and the day after my birthday, which cured my little hangover and gave me the energy to move for my run. Delicious!

Just because this is so cute and I love divider containers and plates and it was 1.00 in the Target dollar area.

It really tastes like it and 4pp, it was a nice dessert treat for sure! 

And so was this one 

I am a sucker for anything that says limited edition and banana.

Since I can only eat soft foods this was my breakfast this morning. The quest protein is great and kept me full for hours! You can buy the single packets at GNC now and the iced coffee was nice, I only used half of the container because it was 5pp and I wanted to make sure I liked it and now I have breakfast for tomorrow and because I love the cashew milk so much!

Happy Friday everyone!!!!