Sunday, November 16, 2014

Holiday Scents and Flavors

So as you all known love the holidays and love everything about it! So I have been finding some holiday items I'm really loving! 


3pp for one cup and found at Winn Dixie!! It is good and can be even better when you had some fat free whipped topping.

Dunkin Donuts has the holiday flavors back! Bummed they didn't bring back red velvet but sugar cookie is fantastic!

Not sure what that is but seems yummy but I would have to run another marathon just to have that!!

I love this!!!! It is so good! I drink a lot of flavored coffee and this mixes well with anything! 1.5 tablespoons for 1pp! Always measure or you are adding to many calories

Finally found it and I wasn't all that impressed! It was good but not great.

This one was great!!!! I crumbled up a Fiber One Gingerbread bar on top and it made it even better!

Bath and Body works has the best holiday scents this year!

I love anything mocha and mint!

See peppermint hot coco! Diet hot chocolate, peppermint whipped topping and peppermint crumbles on top!

And these Dove Peppermint bark promises are everything! 1pp a piece.