Monday, November 3, 2014

November Goals

Alright a brand, new month! New beginnings, new goals and new outlooks!

This month is kind of fun for me because it is the first month out of the whole year, I am not training for anything. Not a thing, nothing big and it is kind of fun month. So here we go, some fun things for the month.

~ I joined Run.Eat.Repeats Pile on the Miles for the month of November and committed to running 40 miles for the whole month. So far I have 4 in from Saturday!

~ Work out at least 1-2 a week in the gym. It can be on a day of no running or after a run. I am trying to incorporate some weights and other high intensity cardio.

~ Use more reciepes for meals.

~ Bake something at least once a week

~ Lose 5 pounds for the whole month

~ Celebrate James's birthday on the 6th. Dirty Thirty and let loose a bit with it.

~ Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving.

~ Start the Runner's World Thanksgiving to New Years, running streak on Thanksgiving.

~ Start making a Christmas list.

~ Spend some quality time with my Mom when she comes to visit on November 16-20.

~ Stick to just one snack a night after dinner.

~ Only go over 4 points a day, unless a special occasion like James's birthday.

I have lots of goals for the month, but these are some I know I can attack. I am excited for November to be a busy and fun month, especially with the fact that my mom is coming to visit. It is also the start of the holiday season at work, which is crazy town, but I am really trying to keep myself grounded, especially on my days off.

What are some big goals for your November???