Thursday, November 13, 2014

Recap of the Week

Oh my lanta, I have not posted since Sunday. So unlike me, life has been a whirlwind of busyness, so I will catch you all up. Believe me, it isn't all that exciting too hahah.

Sunday, after having a great day off, it really set the tone for my week. Monday, I opened at work, so after work, getting home later than anticipated, I had to find some way to get some activity in, but also had to run some quick errands. I am not letting my busy life get in the way of my fitness for these remaining months at all. I am dedicating to doing everything in my power to get my fitness in, whether it be running or working out at the gym.

So, I decided instead of driving to the store to get the things I needed, I would just walk and then go right to the gym afterwords. Sure, I could save minutes, but the walk I had to and from the store, wasn't all that bad and it was a nice change of pace. Then after around the 2 mile walk, I got on the bike and did 6 miles and then weights and other cardio. It felt really good to switch it up and gave me some energy to do my laundry, cleaning up a bit and making a great dinner.

I tell ya, it is true, working out does something to you. It breathes life into me. I can be feeling so tired and running, or walking or even the gym, it gives me so much energy. I love the feeling. It is getting me to the feeling that is hard at times, I suppose.

Tuesday, I had a rest day because it was my weigh in day. And to my great surprise I was done 2.2. I had gained last week with 1.2, so to lose that and another pound was so encouraging. I am not looking to lose a ton. I am looking to get out of the weight range I am in now and tone up more. Training for the marathon transformed my body into another shape, I love my legs more than ever, but with all the carbs and the hunger all the time, I put on a little pooch and I want that bad boy gone. And I will get there, I am so determined.

Wednesday, I closed for work and really woke up just exhausted. James and I went to Subway to grab breakfast. I know a weird place for breakfast but he suggested it and egg whites with a bacon, with tons of veggies on a flat bread, sounded great to me. It ended up tasting and being amazing. I will be going to Subway more often for breakfast. I mean seriously, I love everything Subway anyway.

After breakfast I just planted myself on the couch and got caught up on my DVR and just laid there. I don't think I slept all that great the night before and just felt a bit out of it. Which, was just what the doctor ordered because work yesterday ended up being busy and a long night.

Today, was travel day and I long commute. I wasn't grooving on the idea of driving but it was my job and so I went. Not a 100% sure what was going on with me today, but I could not stop thinking about my Dad. It started when I stopped to get gas at the gas station. I had an overwhelming feeling about him. Flooded back to me where memories of him and I when we would stop at the gas stations. We kind of loved them. We would always stop at convenient marts before going anywhere.

We would always get a snack of some sort, a diet coke, slim jims and candy. I mean some of my favorite memories with my dad involve these trips. I know it sounds simple and crazy, but we would do this before going to look for a job he was about to do, or going to the dump for the trash or just going to the swimming hole. It all started this morning with me getting gas at the gas station and then taking my time walking around the gas station, finding something to go along with my coffee. I got fruit and a EAS protein shake. But his memory just stayed with me all day.

When I got home from the drive, I was a bit beat. I laid down for a little bit and even was thinking about going for a run, but I knew I needed to do something. I got dressed and headed to the road, I really needed to clear my head. It is dark early now, and a lot darker than I remembered. I needed to get a head lamp for sure. But I ran for 2 miles and thought of my dad again the whole time. Tears definitely fell, mixed with sweat but it felt so good. Really it did.

Running does that to me and for me. It doesn't matter if I am running 2 miles or 26.2, me just being able to get out there, out run what I am feeling and how I am feeling. Just doing it for fun or like tonight to heal me a bit, it is my passion. Sure people normally just don't run for 2 miles, but those two miles felt really good tonight and I felt really good. I don't have to prove to myself that I can run long distances, I already know I can, I just need to run now, just for me, whatever the reason it may be.

I went to the gym after to do some weights in my arms and a little bit more cardio and then went home. I, of course, was just worn out with emotion and there is my love, standing there, as tears stream down my face and he just held me. My sweat body and all. He doesn't know what I am going through, but him just saying to me, what can I do. Well that is all I needed to hear. My energy was full after the run and I cleaned some more, cooked an awesome dinner and now finally catching up on somethings.

So all in all it has been a good week. A lot better than last week, for sure. I am doing pretty good with my 26 points and have only tapped into a few, which is a big deal for me. It feels good to be back to it and motivated and determined with other goals in mind.

I have pretty exciting stuff coming up too this weekend and week. My mom is in town on Sunday, I am off this Saturday - Monday, which I am so excited for. I am sure, I will be posting away from that. Hope everyone is having a great week.