Saturday, November 15, 2014

Running, Beach Breakfast & Christmas!!!

Happy Saturday!!!

It has been quite an eventful day today too. Lots of fun packed into my day off and I wouldn't have it any other way. It is my last Saturday off until after Christmas, so I took full advantage of it.

Started my morning off with a run..

To say this run felt great would be a complete and utter lie. I wanted it too. I really, really did, but it just wasn't a good one. My mind and body were not connecting at all. I wanted to run and not feel pain but my mind was overpowering that a bit. I just couldn't seem to get in a good rythm. My knee was acting up a bit, my calf strain hurt and then I had some stomach cramps around mile 1.5. It was just not set up for success. I could have turned around and just went home, but I was going to stick it out for sure. So I just kept going and you know what in the end, I felt fine. Sometimes you just have to keep going.

After my run, I, enjoyed my coffee and then got ready for the day. James and I were meeting up with his family for breakfast at the Don Cesar on St. Pete Beach. It is a very upscale hotel, that has a restaurant inside that can hold the public. It was a gorgeous day, but a lot colder than us Floridans are used to. I really wanted to sit outside, but his grandma was with us and she wasn't dressed to sit outside, which is totally fine with me. We had quite a long wait but it was worth it in the end. We had a breakfast buffet and the bad blogger that I have been, I totally forgot to take pictures of the food.

Believe me when I say it was tasty. I indulged, I had to try a little bit of everything. Moderation of course.

But the view was perfect!

After breakfast I knew I wanted to come home and clean and decorate for Christmas. I wasn't orginally planning on decorating so early, but when I thought about it, the next few weekends are quite busy so this was the perfect time to start. I don't have as many decorations as I thought I did, but I still made our apartment have a Christmas feel. I am sure I can find some things to add in the next week or so. We have to get a new tree, our old one, just isn't cutting it any more. No pun intended. But I didn't want to throw it out, so I put it on our back porch.

We have been saying how much we wanted to use our back porch more, so it looks perfect out there.

Plus it looks even nicer from the road. 

I seriously love anything and everything Christmas, from movies, to songs, flavors and decorations. I was jamming out for hours with the Christmas Pandora station today.  I will be posting in the next few days a post of some fun Christmas finds I have found too.

So after the afternoon of laundry, decorating and cleaning, I finally sat down around 4 and passed out for a good hour for a nice cat nap. Then I met James for his lunch break and then did some shopping at the Dollar Store, CVS and Target. Later on what fun things I got there.

It has been a really nice day off. My mom is coming tomorrow and I am going for a run downtown with Jacke in the morning. This weekend has been set for greatness!!

Hope everyone had a great one also.