Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Two Days off, Mockingjay, Cheap Tree & Turkey Trot

Good Tuesday Morning!!!

I am off again today! I can not explain how amazing it is to have two days off back to back and then have off on Thursday too this time of year. I have been with TR for 5 years and never have we had 3 days off for a holiday week, but this year was different. And I am so thankful for it. It really recharges me for this weekend and then up coming holiday.

While Thanksgiving, yes we are open at 6:00 pm, I blame Macy's and Black Friday are huge days for those Big Box stores, like Best Buy, Walmart, Target, etc and some mall stores, it isn't a huge day for us. We get busier and busier after this weekend, it still is a busy weekend for us. And a nice test run for my staff. I know what to expect, but they don't.

Being off yesterday, I used it as a day to just get some stuff done. I have been having a really, really hard time sleeping lately. I have been exhausted around 10:00 pm, but when I try to sleep, I just cant. So I am tossing and turning and looking at my phone. I am just not falling asleep like I normally do and to make it even worse, I am waking up at 3 every morning and then not falling back to sleep until hours later. It is strange.

They say...

While I appreciate whom ever is thinking about me and having me in their dreams, I would love for it to stop lol. I am going to try to have a cup of tea every night before bed and read a bit and see if that helps. I was doing that for awhile and then stopped.

So yesterday, I got up super early and figured since I was up, might as well get some miles in. I got 3.33 miles done before 8. That hasn't happened in a long time. I was excited to get out there running yesterday morning but the weather was so bad. It was hazy, hot and humid. Just plain gross!

I walked a bunch more than normal, but like all times I run, I am just out there doing it for myself, not a pace or time. Even though I would love to get back in the 11:00 minute time frames, but it will come. After my run and feeling gross, I got a shower in, took my conference call and laid on the couch for a bit. James and I had plans to go see MockingJay at 1:00.

We went to Pollo Tropical for lunch, which like always never disappoints. And then we saw MockingJay. I LOVED IT!! I thought it was great, very, very much like the book. Someone mentioned they added more to it but I couldn't really tell the difference, then again, I read the book 2 years ago, so my memory is a little foggy. I cant believe we have to wait a whole other year to see the ending, which I will re-read before then, so I can have a refresher.

But if you read the books or didn't and just saw the movies, make sure you see this one. It was great. Even James enjoyed it. After the movies we went to Target to pick up some things. I wanted to get a boneless turkey breast for Thanksgiving and our Christmas tree.

I put the turkey in the crock pot and let it cook all day. We go to his grandma's pretty early and eat around noon and then we of course, are hungry later on. So the crock pot turkey to the rescue. Plus it makes great leftovers for Friday, when I am just not in the mood to cook after that long day. This year is going to be different because normally after Granny Thanksgiving, James and I just spend the whole day relaxing together. This year he has to work at 5-1 and then back to work at 8-10. We will barely see each other.

So Thanksgiving night it will be just me. I think I might go out and see what stores have going on Thanksgiving, hoping my Victoria's Secret gift card I won comes in by then and head to Target also. I just don't want to be sitting home alone I suppose. And knowing my store will be open, I will never sleep anyway lol.

We also got a great deal on our tree. All fake trees are 50% off, so our 6 foot tree was only 15.00. I call that a big win. I am putting it up today and decorating it.

Today's day off consists of a lot of doing things around the apartment, a weigh in, tree decorating and picking up my turkey trot packet with Jacke tonight.

Hope everyone is having a great pre-Thanksgiving day week!!!