Thursday, November 27, 2014

Turkey Trot, Runner's World Run Streak Day 1 & Thankfuls

Happy Thanksgiving all you cute Gobblers!!

I can not believe that it is Thanksgiving already. I mean seriously where did the year go. I feel like I just sat down again to write this post before. Plus, it just doesn't feel like Thanksgiving to me this year. James went off to work, he has to work 5-1 and if I had known that was the case, I would have worked at my store instead. It's nice to have the third day off this week, but now I am bored and home alone. Not the best of combinations.

Anyway, it has been quite a great day none the less. I started my morning off with the annual Turkey Trot Wingding 5k. Jacke and I went together and I made sure that I ran the whole thing with her, regardless of the time it would take. She kept telling me to go forward and move on and she would meet up, but I missed running with her and motivating her and supporting her. This race isn't about a time for me, it is about getting out in the community, having fun and just having a fun experience before the big meal.

I dressed up a bit this year to just have fun with it.

My friend Jen made me this adorable tutu! It was to represent feathers. It was a chilly morning so I layered up a bit and rocked my turkey headband to complete the look. It was cute to get all girly for a fun and very festive.

I also saw one of my favorite people in the world....

I can't begin to describe how thankful I am of her in my life. She is my mentor, my boss and the most inspiring and motivating person I have ever met. She is running her first full marathon in January also. She is my boss and I couldn't be more blessed than that. She inspires me and my whole team to do better and we want to do better for her.

I also got to see Nanci! I haven't seen her in forever and it is always a pleasure to see her. Plus, she is completing her first full marathon on Sunday. I can't believe her time has finally come, I will be waiting anxiously to hear that she has crossed that finish line.

Jacke and I before and after. We had a blast. It was great to run together. She is getting back into running and I wanted to support her the whole way. It is what running friends do. We finished in 40 minutes, which is great. A slower pace for me, but like I said, I did not care, I wanted to just run with Jacke and I am glad I did.

After the race was done, we had a quick walk back to the car and I came home, showered, had a big old cup of coffee and watched some of the Macy's Day Parade. I love that parade, but it just isn't the same anymore. Then James and I went to his Grandma's for Thanksgiving meal. It was delicious but we had to eat and run because he had to get home to relax a bit and get ready for work. I instantly passed out into a nap. I have been sleeping like crap again lately, so I knew a nap was in order for me, for sure.

Today also began the Runner's World Run Streak. Running at least one mile a day from Thanksgiving until New Years Day. So I am happy to say I have day one complete. Tomorrow is a little tricky because I have to be to work at 8 and until 5, but I think I will get up at 6 and head out for 2 miles and if I want to after work do 2 more. I can not say how much I love this run streak, so I am going to do exactly what I did last year and blog about it every day.

Also, I wanted to say my Thanks for this year. Thank you to everyone that has followed and read along with my journey. What a journey this year has been too. I am thankful that you take the time to check in with me and watch me as I fall, succeed and just be me. I am thankful for my family and all that they support me in. I am thankful to my friends whom have become an extension of my family, whether they work with me, friends far away or near, or my running friends, which truly are family. To James who supports me in everything I do, even if we fight like crazy, I know he always has my heart. And thankful that I am blessed to have the brightest Guardian Angels, in this big old sky.

Hope you have a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season!!