Sunday, November 30, 2014

Day 4 of Run Streak: Sunday Runday & SkinnySnowman Challenge with Bab Not On A Diet

Happy Sunday!!

Can we first reflect on that today is the last day of November???

Where the heck did the year go? We have only 31 more days of the year. 2014 has been a great one for me, I mean like really awesome and despite the craziness the next 31 days will be for me, I am going to go out with a bang.

First lets say today has been a pretty fantastic Sunday so far. I am off of work, which having Sunday's off always seem to be so great. I had originally set my alarm for 6:30 and was going to go downtown and run, but well my bed was so comfy and I wanted more sleep, so I turned off the alarm and just let my body wake me up.

Which happened to be 9:05. Super nice to just sleep in and not feel guilty about running later. I quickly got dressed and headed downtown to run along the water.

It was an amazing morning. The weather was perfect and the views of the water were beyond words. Seriously running downtown is my favorite thing to do in the whole world. It is my Church moment. I was really trying to get my 5 miles under an hour again, I came so close. I am still having some pain in my calf, it is still really tight and I forgot to use the KT tape but it felt great to get a longish run in again. It was weird not doing the Jeff Galloway method and just running and walking when I wanted, but it was nice to just go.

After the run, I just stayed and took in the sunshine. It felt great to see people out being active and made me love Florida even more. November 30th and people are on the beach, in the water, playing volleyball, walking their dogs, just being active and happy. You can just tell. This run was just what I needed today and to end the month of November and start the week.

I, after went to Starbucks to get my daily dose of caffine and then to Walmart to pick up a few things. I finally found out how I am going to hold all my medals from the races and got the Cashew Milk, will be posting that soon.

But the best part of today is my dear Friend Nanci completed her first full marathon. She did amazing!!! She completed and completed under 6 hours. She is such an inspiration to me and a positive light in my life. I am so excited for her and happy for her accomplishment. We are now marathoners forever together!! Congrats Nanci!!

Today, also started the Skinny Snowman Challenge with Bab Not on a Diet! It is 5 week challenge where you can win prizes and goodies, but mainly it is to hold you accountable through the holidays, which I so need. So with the Runners World Run Streak and this Challenge, I am really hoping to close out this year in a good and positive light and feeling the very best.

And I will leave on this note...

Each day of the Challenge is you have to write or find 5 positives of the day...

Here are mine..

Have a great day!!!