Friday, November 7, 2014

Coffee Talk Rambles

I have been all over the place this week. It has just been a long week. I know my days and week will continue to stay this long because of Christmas coming up, but at least with Christmas, I am not traveling also. I am just in my store, selling and staying late and going in early.

This just sort of rocked my world. BUT I do have to say I learned a ton from it. I eventually in my career, would love to be a DM. And well being a DM, you visit all your stores, and have a lot of drive time, making your days long. So even though it kind of sucked, working those 10 hour days, it solidified it is something I would enjoy doing. Because when I am traveling and visiting store and infecting them with my knowledge and I am told I am doing it right and making a difference, well that makes it all worth it to me.

So Wednesday and yesterday were long days. I woke up Wednesday kind of beat, I had to close, so I had to leave kind of early and get home late. I opted to sleep in a bit because of that, instead of running. I know I have not ran since Saturday!!!!! That is crazy, every day I have thought about it, but my body was just not there. I have gave it a pounding, even after the marathon. I just haven't fully recovered, but this week with the long hours and Sunday on my feet all day, kind of set it back a bit.

But I know I am getting back to it. Today is my day off and my day off with James. Believe me I took advantage of sleeping in, I will not have days like that anymore. I have a conference call in a little bit and then I will be lazy for about an hour. Then we are heading to lunch with his family to celebrate his birthday which was yesterday, then we are running some errands. I will get my run in tonight. Even if it is 3 miles. I plan on running all weekend.

On Sunday, I will get up early and head downtown to my favorite place to run. Like I said, I will use one of my days off to sleep in and run at night and one to wake up early and get it done! It's funny too, I texted Nanci to tell her how bad, I have been doing with my running lately, as she is heading out this Sunday to tackle 20 miles. 

And she simply stated, do what you can do, when you can!

A light bulb went off! Yes!! I don't know why I stress or freak out, it isn't like I am giving up. I have been great with my points this week, except for yesterday for his birthday, which I already pre-planned that to be. But having a friend, support me and kick me in the pants with that and make me feel better about it, it worked.

I am very excited for her to be taking on 20 miles. I am even jealous. lol. I know crazy right, that I want to run 20 miles. I am sure I could go out there and do it again, but honestly not now, I don't want that mileage. I am happy with my 4-5 as my long now. But we shall see. I know she will do amazing and then she tapers. Which is even more exciting because it is getting close.

And then my boss and dear friend, is doing marathon training also. Her's is in January. I am surrounded by some kick ass ladies, let me tell you.

Okay, so I will stop rambling now. Darn coffee.

I know its a long weekend for lots of people, hope you enjoy it!!!