Friday, February 13, 2015

All Cleared

Great News....

I can go back to work!! I am actually going back today!!!

It was up to me when I wanted to go back and due to boredom and not wanting to miss out on anymore of work, I have decided to just go with it today.

The doctor yesterday gave me the news of lighting up my restrictions and he gave me an air cast to use. It really helped and I can walk on my ankle without it but for the hours of work and such, this might really help.

It was a great day once I got the news yesterday. I am excited to jump right back in but also nervous. I have been out for 11 days and I have control in my store and to go back with out me being there is sometimes really scary, I do not know what I am getting myself into. I am trying really hard to take a deep breath and just pray it all looks good.

But I cant stress about it.

The doctor also told me I have a few more weeks until I can get back with the exercise of my lower body. Which means I wont be able to run the Gasparilla 8k on the 23rd. It really upsets me but I know it is for the best. My ankle is definitely not strong enough then, but I do say that is the day, I might try just a little walking. He gave me exercises to do with it and I am going to treat this next phase of healing very serious.

But I have to say I am super excited about just getting back to work.

Hope everyone has a nice Friday the 13th, Make it LUCKY!!!