Saturday, February 21, 2015

Saturday Weigh In, Eating Habits & Ankle Update

Good Saturday Morning!!!

Okay, so I have been absent on here for a couple of days, due to getting caught up with my days off, nursing my ankle and a bunch of other crazy talk BUT I am here today with a weigh in update.

So, I changed from going to meetings to Online with Weight Watchers because it is cheaper as I had stated before. I got the scale and I weigh myself every other day. And like I stated I weigh myself now on Saturdays, which I am kind of liking.

So this morning after my morning pee. Come on, I know you do it too. Every little bit helps!

So stinking happy with that result. Last Saturday, I weighed 171.6, now 168.2. I am really starting to feel great too. I don't feel as bloated and finally seeing some head way. I have 3 more weeks to get to the Diet Bet goal too. I really want to be in the 150's by June when I go on vacation to see my family at the lake house. I would be happy with 159. The last end of marathon training is really where this weight came on, for sure.

Now that I am not running, I really have to be careful with what I eat and this week, I really have been that way. I have been eating pretty damn well if I do say so myself.

Here is a look into some of my meals this week, some are breakfast, lunch and snack...

Sara Lee 45 calorie bread, 2 Hard Boiled and Peeled Eggs with 2 mandarin oranges- Breakfast

Snack- Goldfish Puffs, 1 Mandarin Oranges, 1 Hard Boiled and Peeled Egg and 1 Light String Cheese Stick.

English Muffin Banana Bread, Vanilla Cupcake Whips Greek Yogurt, 1 Hard Boiled and Peeled Egg, 2 Mandarin Orange

Do yourself a favor and top the yogurt on your English Muffin! Game Changer!!

Mini Cucumber sandwiches, Spicy Red Pepper Hummus with Shaved Turkey Breast- Amazing By the Way

I am a creature of habit. I love when I like something and I tend to stick with it for awhile! Haha. It is amazing how much your mind changes and your habits change when you decide to make a big change. I never would have eaten like this before, but now I crave it and it is pretty darn amazing.

I have also been drinking water a ton lately too and tracking it, trying to hit that 120 ounces per day.

Oh, also I actually went and did some walking yesterday too. The doctor said I can do some light walking on the treadmill for about 15 minutes. I am very happy about this. I plan to do it every other day. Yesterday though I went to the Health and Fitness Expo for the Gasparilla Distance Classic. I was suppose to run the 8k on Sunday but because of the accident and the doctor saying I can not run for another 2 weeks, I will not be attending, But I still wanted to go to the Expo because it is so much fun.

I did A LOT of walking yesterday at the Expo and before the Expo. There were stairs also. While I felt pretty good being up and moving, my ankle was a bit sore, especially this morning. I bought an ankle brace for work and to do some working.

Tomorrow I am off and plan on doing just the treadmill and the relaxing all day with some laundry thrown in.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!