Sunday, February 22, 2015

Productive Sunday and Revamping My Style

Happy Sunday!!!

So as planned today has been a successful, yet lazy day. I was able to get our grocery shopping and apartment cleaned, BUT laundry...blahhhh. Still sitting there. I have been so over it lately, just no ambition to get it done at all haha. There is always tomorrow.

I didn't get on the treadmill today, only because my ankle still is feeling a little sore. The top of my foot was hurting and the outside of it. I did however did my upper body cardio work out and the strength exercises the Doctor recommended doing. I do a ton of walking and moving at work, so I know that is helping a lot too. I need to listen to my body, despite how much I want to just get out there.

Baby Steps.

Also, I just realized, it is TWO weeks until I go on vacation back home to New York!! I am going home for a whole week to just spend time with my Poppy and see my Mom. My Dad's 3 year anniversary is March 13, so since he died and the years after, I have made a pact to go home and just be with my family. Plus my Poppy's birthday is the day after and I want to spend as many B-Day's as I can with him. It is hard, knowing the anniversary is the day before BUT it gets me home to be with my Poppy and deep down inside I know it is what my Dad would have wanted me to do.

While home, I have no real plans, which I never really do anyway. I plan on relaxing, reading a whole lot, since I have no real life responsibilities when I am home in NY. Eat some home cooked meals and do some running. Yes, I said running. It would be a month since the accident and the doctor said he will clear me before hand to do it just lightly. So what a better time then when I am on vacation!! It will suck a whole lot considering it is freezing back home, BUT I will be just happy to have my running shoes back on!

So with it being almost the end of February, I cant even believe that, one of my goals this year was to dress better for work and just in life, branch out and really take care of me. I am a work in progress and some days I love every part of me and some days, well you know. So I wanted to post some pictures of my outfits and what I have been looking like. I am not a fashion icon and I have no real fashion sense, I do love Skinny Meg's look, A LOT. So I guess I follow after her.

I got this shirt online through Amazon. I had seen it on Pinterest and Well I am a proud supporter. I got a medium, which it is clearly VERY big, but it is perfect for just lounging around or tucked in.

I love cardigans. I love wrapping myself in big ones . I got this cardi from Forever 21, the one in my mall is closing, so I did want to pass it up. Excuse the dirty mirror.

I was just having a really good hair day. Also taking time to do my hair is a thing on my list too. I tend to just do it quickly. I want to show how good I feel on the inside, the outside now.

I love CHEVRON!!! I think i might have posted this picture before, but I love this whole look. I can't wait to wear flats again.

Another Pinterest Find I found online, through FashForwardBoutique. They have the cutest clothes and FREE SHIPPING!! And they are always running sales.

My chevron items I ordered off of Etsy FINALLY came in. All about that Chevron

This picture doesn't do this shirt Justice. It is metallic and it really pops in person. I got it at Old Navy on clearance.

I want to wear this blazer every day!!! I saw it at Old Navy and just had to have it. I love that I can pair any color with it and it will still work. It is cotton and fit great. I used to have issues with blazers, my arms being too big or not fitting across my stomach, now I am branching out and loving them.  I really want a HOT PINK one.

It was a cute extra touch

I just thought these were fun shirts. Plus they were all on sale at Target for 1.29 a piece. I am a fun, outgoing girl and these spoke to me.

It's hard with work because we can wear only black, white and grey. I really wish we could just be business casual all the wear around, but I am learning to work with it and branch out of my style a bit.

Thanks for looking at all the selfies!!

Have a great night, I am excited for the Oscars!!!