Friday, February 6, 2015

Embracing The Suck

Hey Everyone!!!

So while nothing really has changed in my ankle department, my attitude has a bit.

This morning I woke up a little bit cranky, but realized I had a great nights sleep. Still sleeping on the couch, tonight I am going back to the bed, but I didn't wake up once and my foot only hurt, just a little bit. So that is a big success, plus my mind wasn't racing or thinking of a million and one things.

This probably had a lot to do with it. Red wine and Chocolate always make things much better.

As I was making breakfast this morning, my boss, whom is also a very good friend of mine called me this morning and read me one of her famous quotes. She gave me some positive light and motivation. On Friday's we have our conference call and the 10 minutes before the end, she always does a leadership portion, where is focuses on some great motivation and leadership topics to cover for us managers. It is my favorite call and favorite part of the call and today I missed it.

But because she is such a great friend, motivator and mentor, she knew I needed to hear some Jen greatness and she called to tell me it was going to be all okay. She gave me some positive light at the end of the tunnel. Told me everyone missed me and she gave me the light and positive I so needed. Sometimes, that is really all you need.

With that in my mind and kicking off my Friday, I have decided to dig myself out of this pity party hole for one I have dug and keep it moving. I am someone finds the light, makes the light, embraces it and keeps going. I find the SPARKLE!!!

So while the sparkle isn't as bright these days, I have given up the fact it is going to suck and I am going to EMBRACE THE SUCK!!

Yes, I am confined to my home. I cant work out or RUN, I can't work, but I will make this work. So after my breakfast I put on some semi regular clothes. Granted they are still sweats and a tee-shirt but not over sized baggy sweats and a hoodie.

I was just walking by the mirror this week, almost afraid of what I would see. I was scared I was going to just wake up and see 70 pounds put right back on. You know what, I saw the same girl. Someone who has a little set back but the same girl and for being hurt looking pretty darn good. My clothes fit the same, I look great and I don't feel as bloated because of all of the water.

So changing my clothes and my attitude makes a difference. I have also decided that since I cant get to the gym or anything like that, I can still work out my arms. I have a medicine ball that I can lift and do some sets while sitting down. I plan to do that this week, hey it is something until I can really get to sweating.

I am embracing the suck by attacking my book shelf that has tons of books on there I have bought but never read. I am embracing the suck by making a collage of James and I to hang over our bed. I am embracing the suck by enjoying naps and not feeling guilty about it, honestly I have never felt guilty about a nap, but hey now I have an excuse.

I am embracing the suck trying out new recipes for dinner and breakfast because I will be home. I am embracing the suck by saving money because I cant drive and buy just because, even though that isn't so true, I have hit up Amazon Prime and a clothing retailer for cute items lol.

I am embracing the suck because I don't have to make a to- do list for things to get done because I have all the time in the world to do them, even though I am doing one now for things I can do this week while home. I am embracing the suck because I don't have to set an alarm all week and I can stay up all hours and not worry about being tired or make excuses the next day.

I am embracing the suck with laundry, because I practically wear the same things each day so laundry will be light.

All in all, I am trying to find the goodness out of all of this. It is Friday and I have until Thursday to see what else will bring out of all of this. Before I know it will be here. My foot and ankle will be stronger. It still looks pretty horrible, the black and blue stages have settled in and the swelling isn't as bad, so that is a plus.

Plus I will have more time to post more about my life and get back to blogging just because. I hope everyone has had a good week and remember Embrace the Suck!!