Thursday, February 5, 2015

Can't sleep and my likes and loves lately

It is 1:45 am and I can not sleep. I want sleeping and then my splint and foot felt really tight, I was hot and uncomfortable so I am now up. My stomach was rumbling like crazy too, so after my yogurt with protein cereal crumbled on top I'm now watching SVU and writing to you fine people 😄.

Nothing new or update with my foot. The pain is not bad at all. I tried to step on my foot for a minute BUT not quite there at all yet. I have been having a headache yesterday and today but I'm thinking it is from the pills and not enough caffeine. I can't explain how weird using crutches are. I hate them!! I woke up this morning and was just very cranky. I hate not being to do things on my own and I am not liking doing nothing. I'm ready to move and back to routine. My life was really getting back to normal, in a good routine with work outs and running and now this. But I don't want to harp on that, I'm grateful I didn't really damage myself. I go to the doctors today to see when I can go back to work and what the next step for me is.

But since it is early, and I'm bored, I figured I can post some of my favorite things I'm liking, loving or tired lately..

This is only a like. It was very mild in flavor. I thought for sure it would taste much more like green tea but it has more of plain taste. Good but not great.

These came out around the holidays but I found them at Big Lots recently. These I am loving. So flavorful, no need to top them with anything. 6 crackers are 3 pp and they have a great recipe on the back to crumble them on a sweet potato! Def going to try that!

Mixing alcohol with sparkling water to give it more volume and taste and to last longer!! This made my margarita a little more sparkly!

Loving Starbucks Flat White!!! Really tasty! I got mine made with non fat and 2 splenda. Really tasty!!! Wishing I had one now!

These smell great!! They also sell Thin Mint and Trefoils! My YC was out of the car jars at the time too but I will be getting those also! The smell isn't overpowering or too strong! The caramel one smells great burning!

And this picture!!!! Ahhhh! I was obsessed with Saved By The Bell growing up and this made my night! They did a whole skit on Jimmy Fallon that was hysterical!!

Thanks for being awake with me!!