Tuesday, February 3, 2015

My Worst Nightmare Came True...

Let's just recap first Sunday, which by the way has nothing to do with the Title. Sunday was a great day, I slept in a bit, enjoyed my coffee while catching up on Grey's Anatomy, went to James's grandmas for lunch, did a little bit more grocery shopping, got a great 4 mile run in, enjoyed the Super Bowl with James and our friend, stuck to plan and didn't eat a whole bunch. Went to bed and had a great day.

Yesterday, I got up at 5 because I had to be to work at 6. I had to go in early because we had a floor set that needed to be completed. I was working 6-2 and I woke feeling really great. Had my coffee in hand and ready to take on the day. Got to work and everything was moving really great with our floor set, I was feeling pretty great about the success I was having. I was double checking our one sign and I got on our ladder to reach the sign to move it down a little bit.

I reached, and as I was reaching, I kind of loss my balance a bit and tried to catch myself, but because there was nothing behind the sign, I lost control and came crashing down as I tried to save myself and the sign. I at first jumped up and said I was okay, treated it like I had just tripped and made at the sign. Then I went to walk and it hit me.

Pain like I have never felt before, I knew then something wasn't right. My foot wasn't walking right and when I looked down it was instantly swollen, bruised and looked a little twisted...

Park of my foot even looked indented. I immediatlely called my Boss, crying hysterically. I have never had anything like this happen to me in my life, NEVER. One thing is I do not do well with pain or situations like this when I am by myself. I immediately think I am dying and the pain, I could not make it stop, I felt like I was dying and my food was hanging off. My Boss calmed me down as best as she could and got me to call my assistant in and call James to take me to the hospital.

I called my Mom too and couldn't even look down at my foot. It made me nervous and sick. I felt like I was going to throw up the whole time. I instantly asked my boss if I was going to be able to run again. That was all I feared, the minute it happened was I messed up my running. That's how much running and my life has changed that the thought of my foot being hurt wasn't anything else but how will impact my running.

Thankfully both of them answered and both scared out of their minds by my phone call. I was shaking calling them too. James came as quick as he could and wheeled me out to my car in my work chair because I couldn't even stand. He took me right to the ER. We were seen quite quickly.

They put us in a room and I waited for the doctor to look at me and take some X-rays. 

I am smiling through so much pain right now and more was too come. Because I drink so much water, I of course, had to pee almost every hour, which has become quite annoying. James had to wheel me each time and because they had just gave me the medication, it hadn't set in yet, when I got up to go to the bathroom, just the movement of getting off the bed, sent waves of pain like no other. I felt like I had fallen again, which I had not.

I was crying hysterically. Poor James just sat there and held my hand until it started to feel better again and the medication made its way through. The doctor came in awhile after telling me the ankle thankfully was not broken, but I had to go and see and Orthopedist. I have never had anything happen to me, so I was grateful to not have broken bones, but not happy I had to see another doctor.

We waited a bit more for another doctor to come in and put my leg in a splint.

The waiting period was horrible. Both of us were hungry and thirsty. I was feeling a bit better from the meds but James had not eaten and was uncomfortable in that little chair, but god was he a tropper. He stuck with me the whole time, never left my side once.

The paramedic FINALLY came to put my leg and ankle in a splint..

We pass the time by taking pictures. I, of course have to document all of this even though I am in pain.

The doctor put me in a splint, gave me my perscription and orders to just go home and RICE. Rest, Ice, Compress and Elevate. I was exhausted and hungry and super emotional. I was crying every few minutes in the hospital but afer 5 hours, I was ready to eat something and get home. I have never used crutches before, so James wheeled my out to freedom...

We went to drop off my perscription and grab some food. I wasn't too concerned what we were eating, I just wanted something. We got Pei Wei because it is James's favorite and I was just happy he was with me. I tried using the crutches at CVS, but geez those things are super hard and I cant put any weight on my foot. I finally got home and we elevated my leg and this has been my life for the last 24 hours...

James left me for a little bit last night to go get his car, go to work and pick up my meds. He brought me back some of my favorite snacks, like trail mix and Chex. I was so happy to have him back home and to finally take the medication again. I went to go to the bathroom and the pain hit me like a ton of bricks. 

James has been amazing. He has been with me the whole time and making sure I am comfortable and set up. He made me a snack of apples and strawberries and yogurt last night and set up the couch to make it has comfortable as it can be. 

He even made a bed on the floor last night next to the couch so I wasn't out in the living room sleeping alone. Best Boyfriend Status right there.

I hate having to sleep on the couch, but it is easier for me then getting in and out of the bed. This morning he made me coffee and waffles with blueberries and got my iced and showered too. He is the best nurse.

I didn't realize how much I was going to need him. I mean making food and getting stuff is really hard when I cant move all that great or bend down. He set me up with some healthy snacks and came back on his lunch break and as a treat is bringing home Chipotle tonight.

This is the crappy thing is the million and one things going through my mind. I don't like being on the mend, I don't like HAVING to lay around. I don't like this at all. It seems great but when you are forced to do it, it is not fun at all. I want to be doing a million and one things and I want to be at work. I want all of this gone and to wake up from this nightmare.

I want to know what the next phase is and that nothing else is wrong with my ankle. And I really want to run, I mean I want to run more than anything. Everyone keeps telling me I will have to recover and be on the mend for awhile, I know this is serious but it upsets me more than anything. I cant face that just yet. My ankle is still throbbing at times and still pretty badly swollen, so reality hasn't kicked in.

But thank goodness nothing like this ever happened while marathon training. I would be seriously so sick. Today, I did a lot of online stuff and some reading. I guess, that will be my life for the next couple of days. I always prayed this would never happen to me and it has it is the worse thing I could dream up.

Please keep me in your thoughts that this heals quickly and I can get back to being me again, running, working out and making my own meals :0)