Saturday, July 11, 2015

2 Steps Forward, 3 Steps Back

Happy Saturday Everyone!!!

Sorry, I have been so absent this week, in simpler terms, it has been a crappy and horrible week.

It all started around Wednesday. I have been having some serious tooth pain since vacation and I thought it was under control, but it turned out to not be, it only got worse. The pain was so unbelievable. Meaning that I had no energy whats so ever to cook, so James and I started a 3 day stretch of eating out because I was feeling so horrible.

Thursday I took off of work to go to a walk in dentist to see if they can just see where I was getting all the pain from. I hate taking off of work for sick days, they seem like such a waste and I hate being away, but my whole face was throbbing. I went to the walk in clinic and got my exam and found out, the pain is coming from my wisdom teeth, especially on the right side of my face. That's where it hurts the most too.

Of course, they recommend that I take out all 4 of my teeth. Jesus, that's where the pain hurt even more because all I can think about is how much this is going to cost me, even with insurance. I just want the one tooth out, but well that wont be happening. She gave me some medication to hold me over until I can get to an oral surgeoun.

That is when I decided to give myself a little bit of a pity party. I filled my medication and went to Dunkin Donuts got the biggest Oreo Coolatta and came home, took my meds and made my way on the couch, saying F-You to the world, my mouth, life and responsibility. I just wasn't having it.

The medication instantly had me feeling better, thank god and allowing me to eat on my infected side, which was nice. But yesterday morning, everything took a turn for the worse.

I got up and had the worst pounding headache. I mean I have never, EVER felt so bad in my life. Everything was making it hurt more too, I tried to pour myself some coffee and eat breakfast, but nothing was making it better. I drank water and took my pills and that wasn't doing it, My head felt like it weighed 400 pounds and something was just banging it over and over. It was unreal. Then the everything in my stomach decided to come up too and continued to do so for the next 2 hours.

And my  headache kept getting worse and worse. It was scary because I never in my life have felt like that before and the pain just would not go away. I didn't go to work because I could barely stand and spent the day from the bed to the couch, it was horrible. The pain finally went away last night around 9. I ate chicken soup and crackers most of the day and wonton soup for dinner. Holy sodium. but it was all I could keep down.

This morning my headache is only about 20% and I feel much better, still a little out of it, but I have no choice but to suck it up and head to work. I seriously hate I was out so much this week.

We think it was the hydrocodone. I will not be taking that again, holy cow. I just feel so blah on top of this because my activity and eating took steps back and I was doing so great this week.

I just hate how life throws you those little curve balls.

But today I got right back on the horse. No point in stepping on the scale, I know it is a gain from all the sodium. But I am going to make this week, the best week yet. Working out, eating right and getting rid of all this bloat and earning more energy.

See before I would just continue on with this sick train and not get off, but I know even if I fall down, I just have to get right back up, even if it sucks a whole lot to do so.

And I am not giving up or quitting!!!!