Monday, July 6, 2015

Currently in July

Good Evening!!!!

I know I haven't been great with the blog posts lately, life just got in the way, ughh how dare it and not allow me to do just what I love and that's ramble on  here to everyone lol.

But I promise now that I have my trusty new computer I will be back to the running, chewing and Sparkling and especially the Chewing part, I have some sandwiches coming up that will make you droll. Tonight though I thought I would do a currently post, haven't done one of those since April, so I figured this would be the perfect time :0)


Current Book:
Well I do have to say I have been back to my love of reading again. I sometimes fall out of it because of too many good shows on TV or because I can't ever seem to put my darn phone down or just other things in general, but I am really trying at least 30 minutes before I go to bed, to just read. And it is working and taking my book to the gym with me, hell kill two birds with one stone. I did just finish GREY, the fourth book of the 50 Shades series. Not the best book at all, but I had jumped on the craze years ago and read all 3, so I of course had to finish the series. It was an okay book, it literally was just like the first book all over again, but whateves it was a guilty pleasure book AND now I am on to another book, Eat & Run: My Unlikely Journey to Ultramarathon Greatnesss by Steve Jurek

It is pretty good. I am not in anyway ready to do an Ultramarathon but I thought this book is very inspiring and I love those kinds of books.

Current Music:
I love music in general but still obsessed with Fight Song, Rachel Platten, There is a video now and I go the ring tone to my phone, yup a little too obsessed...

And I am obsessed with Little Big Town with these two songs..

I just love the tone and vibe of this song

This just gives me warm fuzzy feelings haha

Current Guilty Pleasure:
Not sure if I have one at the moment, but probably online shopping or following celebrities on Instagram after I watch a show they are in, haha. The online shopping is probably my most favorite, I LOVE getting mail. Oh and shopping and searching on Groupon!!! I love me some Groupon deals.

Current Drink;
Bud Light Lime has been my go to drink of alcohol choices, especially while on vacation and OMG this..

IT IS AMAZING!!!!!!!! And tastes just like a root beer, which is trouble. I mean so delicious. I got in NC and we went bananas over it and tried to find it home here in FL but it is sold out everywhere and the distribution is even sold out until July 20th, there goes my Bday drink. If you find it, do yourself a favor, if you drink and get some! Non alcoholic drinks have been my tried and true, coffee, especially iced. I got a Venti Iced Coffee wit 3 sugar free vanilla and 3 sugar free Cinnamon Dolce, 2 splenda and a splash of non fat milk, tastes just like a sugar donut!! LOVE IT

Current Food:
Watermelon, Cherries, pretzels and hummus, carrots, guca and chips, Tortilla lime chips, yogurt, you know all the same things, BUT I do have a Fab Find Post soon and lots of fun stuff I found this weekend.

Current Show:
James and I got rid of cable, well basically our DVR, we were going to get rid of all cable but he kept it for live sports of something with our Apple TV, I am lost with out my DVR so we have just Hulu and Netflix and HBOGo. Which to be quite honest as been just fine for me, but we will see when all my shows come back from Summer Break.

We just finished Entourage, which surprisingly I LOVED. It was a decent show and we will rent the movie when it comes out. And I am on Season 2 of Bates Motel, also a great show.

Current Wish:
Oh man I am not sure, I wish for things all the time, Smaller stomach, more money, less debt, but those are things I work towards, I guess my biggest wish right now is to stay always feeling this young. Oh and that a cold front would come through!!!

Current Triumphs:
I ran and walked 4 miles on July 4th in like 100 degree heat. It took me what seemed like forever, but I felt great afterwords. I got through the first 3 miles with just running and walking when needed, which seemed like a lot, then after almost falling in a ditch and Reinjuring my ankle, I decided to walk the last mile, heck I don't care really how I get it done, I am just going to get it done.

Current links:
I don't do a lot of browsing online much, I go to just my favorite blogs, with whom I follow all the time through and then take it from there, but I do love following The Impluse Buy right now. They post new food items that are found, haha, then I make a list of ones I want to find. Crazy I know.

Current Need:
My needs are high right, new contacts and glasses, new AC in my car (its insane) and to get my tooth fixed. It is hurting so bad, but I swear I fear going to the Dentist, not because of the pain but I know my teeth aren't great, so I am scared of the billing damage, but the pain in my mouth, might make me suck it up.

Current Indulgence:
Anything new I find in the store. Seriously, if I see Limited Edition or Seasonal or New, I am all over it.

Current Outfit:
Nothing too special, same old black, white and grey with work and my new shirt I bought at Target the other day, but I did just buy the best dress for my 30th Birthday from

From their Facebook page

Bet you can't guess which one is for me haha. I mean I saw that dress and just knew it was for me. It is animal print and pink and had some sparkle and Hello Dirty Thirty. Let's just hope it fits just as cute as it looks. I am working hard towards it.

Current Excitement:
My 30th Birthday!! Seriously, I know growing up sucks and I don't want to turn 30 but we are going downtown for the weekend, getting a hotel, a staycation and I am heading into my 30's a totally changed girl than my 20's. My 20's were awesome but I think my 30's will top it!!!

Current Mood:
Right now I am pretty relaxed, about to unwind a bit more, but overall I am happy and content!!!