Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Ham & Swiss Sliders

Happy Tuesday!

I have to say I have been quite productive since we last have seen each other. I was feeling great after my workout last night, which I took it back to old school status, of just the trusty treadmill at a high incline. The sweat was just pouring off of me at that point, it felt amazing. I got the rest of our laundry done and settled in for the evening of relaxation.

This morning the same thing. I got up with intensity, I am off of work today, so I wanted to really make use of the day but also be lazy, if that makes any sense whats so ever. I got up early and headed right to the gym, got on the treadmill, hit that incline and got to stepping for 30 minutes, then I did a core and ab, mixture of weights work out. I don't do a routine, I find things from other people and mix it together, it works ;) Then I got on my company's conference call, made breaky for me and Bubba and then I took a walk to Big Lots. Yup I am in it to win it these next 11 days until my Bday.

I am even going to go for some sort of a run tonight, after my nap of course!

But while I am on here, I wanted to post a dinner we had the other night..

I saw on an Instagram account I follow, a meal of ham sliders on Kings Hawaiian rolls. Well I love those rolls, so I was instantly hooked. They looked so good and quick and easy, and I knew it was something Bubba would really love. I am not a huge ham person, actually before I started my lifestyle change, I hated Ham, let alone Swiss. But a funny thing happens when you change your lifestyle, not only do you loose weight but your taste buds change too. So I embrace all things now.

Now, I didn't really measure out or do a correct cooking time or temp. I kind of just ran with it and it came out amazing.

I bought a package of the Kings Hawaiian rolls..

Sliced them open and put them in a pan, that I sprayed with non stick spray, just in case they stuck to the pan or not.

Then I took a piece of Honey Ham and folded it in half and took a 1/4 of a piece of Swiss cheese and put it on the sandwich, squirted a little bit of sweet mustard and then topped the sandwich. I did this to each one.

I used about 3 pieces of Swiss Cheese total and then about 18 pieces of Honey Ham.

I put them in the oven at 425 for about 10 minutes, I checked them periodically to make sure they were getting a golden brown, not burnt and the cheese was melty.

I entered my ingredients into the WW Recipe Builder and they came out to 3pp, or two for 7pp. They were delicious!! I paired it with some sweet potato puffs and mixed veggies. I could have ate all 12, but used self control. Bubba, thought they were amazing and even brought some left overs to his friends house so they could try them.

This dinner was so quick and easy, simple but PERFECT. We will be making more of these for sure and trying other variations.