Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Stitch Fix 4 & 5

First I can't believe I forgot to post my 4th Stitch! I completely forgot and it was a good one!!!

I liked this shirt but it really wasn't something I would wear if it had different colors I would be all over it.

This was okay. I loved the striped on the sides

I wasn't sure if I would like this shirt at first but holy heck I love it!!!!! I bought this shirt and got some many complements!!

The bag came too and I of course grabbed that up! I love the cross body and it was perfect for travel and for work! And the blue is just so different!!

The jeans I wore were part of the fix too but again a little to high in price for me and I don't wear a whole lot of jeans living in Florida.

So for my next fix, yes, I continued on, I asked for a dress of some sort to celebrate my 30th birthday in. I also took off I liked jeans.

Here is my latest...

I liked this shirt a lot but putting it on and because of the pants I had on, it didn't really seem to work for me. I'm hoping it comes again because I did really like it.

This was an instant pass... I didn't not like the cut at all or the material.

LOVED this dress A LOT!!! It is Chevron and the fit was great but it was 78.00 and well it was not with the price for me.

BUT I did go with this one...

And this is the one I bought and will wear to ring in my 30's!!!! I loved it instantly! Fit perfect, showed off my curves and it just made me happy putting it on!!

I did get my one from Fash Forward too

We are doing happy hour Friday so I will wear this then and it has pockets!!!

Instant love!!!!