Monday, July 13, 2015


Its my Birthday Week!!!!!!

Woohoo. I can not believe that I am going to be 30 on Saturday and how fast time has flown.

Gosh my 20's were pretty fantastic. I am really embracing the fact I am turning 30 and I am having fun with it this week and would love for you to join in on the fun.

I should have posted this yesterday, but gosh I was at work all day and then today was just as busy, so I am finally able to just sit down and believe me it is only for a quick moment.

This week, join me in a big, social media, Running, walking, swimming,  biking, jogging, or however else you want to do it party. You can do any of those activities for 1 mile or more. You can do every day or just one day or on my Birthday. No pressure, just fun.

Post it do any form of social media, just using the hashtag


It is just a fun way to get moving and grooving and helping me ring in my birthday.

Look at this awesome graphic, Nanci made me :0)

And she made me one that says I am Turning 30!!!

How awesome is she!!!

So join in the Fun!!!!