Tuesday, July 21, 2015

I am Officially 30 Years Old

Hey Everyone!!!

Oh my goodness what a freaking great Birthday I had this year. James made it so special for me. From Friday until Sunday we were celebrating. He got us a hotel room, downtown at one of, if not our favorite spot and we treated the whole weekend like it was a vacation for us and it truly felt like it was, even though we were only like 6 miles away from our house. That is the beauty of downtown, it really feels so different.

We left our place Friday around noon and went to Tripps diner for lunch.

B.S.T: Bacon, Spinanch & A Fried Green Tomato. When I tell you it was delicious, I am no even kidding.

You Order Drinks when you are early for Check In and Hang out by the pool

Brown Sugar Pina and a Craft Beer for him.

I had to get it and I shared it with him :0)

The weather was on and off crazy with rain, but we did not let it get us down. The pool area was fantastic.

Little happy hour action. Rootbeer BBQ Chicken and wings for him.

The dress I ordered from Fash Forward. I was going to wear it but it was raining so much and it was long, so I had to opt out of it. But of course I took a picture.

Gah I love this man. He made this weekend so amazing.

I changed for dinner into this.

We went to Locale Market for dinner.  I was not holding back on good food this weekend. Pulled pork, corn and mac and cheese, man it was comfort food HEAVEN. I didn't eat the bun, but it was sooooo delicious.

The New Sundial in St. Pete is so nice. The view was spectacular.

We were in bed laying around before 11. I had a decaf coffee we are so old

This was my at midnight Birthday treat. S'Mores tart, the Chocolate was sooo rich.

My 3 mile Birthday Run.

We spent some time in the morning at the pool

Iced Coffee ;0)

Confidence is a beautiful thing.

We went to JustThai on 4th STreet. Oh My goodness amazing for lunch. I got LemonGrass Chicken, it was light and very, very delicious.

Afternoon Delight.

Spicy Margarita

This drink was with Rum and it literally tasted like a piece of candy.

After this, we went back to the room to refresh for a bit before going out. We both ended up taking a cat nap, which I always do, James rarely does. We were both just so relaxed.

My 30th Birthday!!!!! The dress was a hit. I felt amazing, I looked amazing and my assistant got me the sash to go along with it.

Mr. Larry joined us for a bi

My Girl Megan. I forgot to take one with Dave.

And Bubba. Seriously he made this weekend just plain amazing. I am so lucky to have him in my life as we take on our 30's together. Sure we have our moments, but there is no one else I would rather spend my special moments with.

I believe that having a great birthday, makes for a really special year. I have no big plans this year, no big milestones, just continuing on with this wild and crazy ride.

I think though 30 is going to be one of the best.